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Opinion Article 5 April 2018

In the Hotel Room of the Future, Technology Will Simplify Things

By Magnus Friberg, CEO & President of Zaplox

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Technology is continually evolving at a rapid pace, leaving industries eager to remain ahead of the advancements that continue to redefine their respective offerings and demands. Within the hospitality industry, we see hotels investing in new technology to meet emerging guest expectations and define what the hotel room of the future looks like. When it comes to the ongoing mobile-centric movement, most hotel services will be accessible right from the palm of guests' hands as hoteliers seek to simplify the travel experience at every turn. This means that many traditional and manual functions will soon be available at the touch of a screen, delivering constant connection and personalized convenience to each and every guest.

Simplifying (and Perfecting) The Basics

Nothing can ruin a guest's perception of your hotel, quite like the breakdown of primary touch-points, such as reservations, check-in, room keys, upgrades, and check-out. With the implementation of a mobile key technology platform, you can offer each guest a complete mobile experience. This includes reservations, pre-arrival messages, mobile check-in, mobile keys, special offers, upgrades, mobile check-out and more.


With this technology in place, you can effectively nullify the traditional hassle of front desk lines and check-in delays for a seamless arrival. Not only that, but guests can directly access their room using their smartphone, manage their rooms, view and act on special offers and upgrades based on their stay, check-out and book their next stay right from their phone. When you perfect the basics, you guest is free to view (and interact with) your hotel with a new, uninhibited perspective. Further to that, you're also freeing your staff to invest their time in more personalized, genuine interactions with each guest. With the driving trend in hospitality innovation being the personalization of the guest experience, this capability is of incredible value to your hotel.

Connected Hotel Rooms

Taking the mobile device integration one step further, many hotels are looking into creating "connected rooms" for their guests. Connected rooms would give guests complete control — from their mobile device — to turn off on and lights, adjust the heat or air conditioning, adjust window covering, and personalize their room entertain entertainment with technology. We're also seeing an increase in other hotel room technologies which include:

  • Intelligent mini-bars (which automatically notify staff when replenishment is needed)
    - Bathroom mirrors that conceal flat screen TVs
    - Adjustable massage beds
    - Smartglass shower walls that morph from frosted to transparent with the single press of a button
    - AI and Voice-enabled personal assistants
    - The provision of personal iPads/tablets
    - Bedside tables that wirelessly charge cell phones

The exploration of these innovative technology applications will only further enhance the network of connected devices and capabilities in each room.

Welcome the Era of Complete Personalization

With the help of mobile platforms utilized within hotels, guests will even be able to save specific preferences before an upcoming stay. For example, if a guest has a preferred room temperature or lighting setting, they can set the room to those specifications before they arrive, directly through the app. Guests can also establish voice-activated preferences for certain TV shows, channels, apps and other commands to limit time spent scrolling or searching for a specific offer or information.

This technology will also ensure each guest is connected to virtual assistance 24/7 for any and all requests (alarms, room service, housekeeping services and more) by voice or app.

The hotel room of the future is as intelligent and intuitive. With mobile-based innovation, hoteliers can completely transform the guest experience to be seamless, simplified, flexible and frictionless. Hotels fo the future will deliver guests a personalized experience where the room knows them, and they know their room

About Zaplox: A leading provider of advanced mobile key services to the global hotel market.

Zaplox operates globally, offering the hospitality industry a turnkey platform, including a mobile key app or SDK (Software Development Kit) for managing the guest experience, based on a secure and efficient mobile key system. With mobile technology, Zaplox offers hotels and their guests more value by a better way of checking in and out, and by distribution of mobile keys directly to the guests' smartphones. The system saves time and costs, and gives the hotel a direct communication channel with the guest, thereby offering possibilities for generating additional revenue. The Zaplox solution works on all major smartphone platforms, supports all major hotel door locks and hotel systems, and can replace or coexist with all current keycard technologies. Zaplox was founded in 2010 at IDEON Science Park in Lund, Sweden. The solution has been installed and in commercial use since 2011, with more than 2.0 million guest nights. With operations in Europe and North America, Zaplox offers flexible, customer-oriented support.

Zaplox is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North. Sedermera Fondkommission is the Certified Adviser.

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Magnus Friberg

Mr. Magnus Friberg has served as Chief Executive Officer of Zaplox AB since 2013 and he is also Director of the Company. He previously served at Securitas, responsible for Business Development & Marketing in Europe. He previously also established the company S Reg with SmartSafety concept.

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    The Zaplox hospitality platform delivers the conveniences of a mobile guest journey with mobile check-in/checkout, mobile key services, and direct guest communication. The mobile guest journey platform includes a software development kit (SDK) that enables hotels to add Zaplox functionality to their existing hotel app, and the Zaplox mobile app is a smart and cost-efficient way for hotels to launch their own custom-branded app. In addition, Zaplox offers a kiosk solution for self-service that helps deliver a frictionless guest journey. The Zaplox solutions streamline the front desk operation while improving guest satisfaction. Zaplox was founded in 2011 and operates globally. Zaplox is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm First North. For more information, visit

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