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Opinion Article 7 June 2018

How to Design Your Hotel Suite to Make Your Guests Feel Like Royalty

Indulge Your Guests With This Royal Interior Ideas

By Victoria Lim, Freelance Lifestyle Writer

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When in the hotel business, you have to keep up with the newest trends in order to satisfy your guests. From changing the whole décor to adding a few attractive details, you will have to work on upgrading the interior design of your suites. Moreover, the competition is fierce and your success depends on your readiness to adapt to the expectations of the market.


However, designing your hotel suite, like any other interior design task, requires already prepared ideas and goals. In order to make your guests feel like royalty, you will have to concentrate on luxurious and extravagant solutions. Therefore, here are some design suggestions you can incorporate into your hotel decorations and turn it into a truly an amazing accommodation fit for kings.

  • Add a spa

Luxury is not only in the visual elements, but also it depends on the additional offer you prepared for your guests. Beside the big bathroom, you should also consider incorporating a spa into the suit completely equipped with Finnish sauna and massage area. Instead of usual white décor, choose a black stone and dark mahogany wood for the sauna with glass walls that will connect the whole spa space together.

However, what truly accomplished a rich spa experience is a Jacuzzi which you can place near the windows so your guests can enjoy the view while relaxing. Adding a fireplace in the space along with dim lights will create a relaxing ambience which will go perfectly with the natural materials.

  • Master bedroom extravagance

Master bedroom needs to be a visual lavishness that will enchant the guests with comfortable setting and cosiness. The bed needs to be big enough for four people, even though it is intended for two. The seating area should have a comfortable set of chairs and a coffee table by the window so your guests can enjoy the view while reading or doing other leisure activities.

A big mirror is expected accessory, as well as several lamps and overhead lights that allow guests to choose the desired lighting in the room. A big terrace expanding from the bedroom is a wonderful spot for outdoor furniture where guests can have breakfast or morning coffee.

Of course, the big and luxurious en-suite bathroom is expected, as well as a large walk-in closet. Having an office space might be important for some guests, as more and more people work out of office. Providing your guests with a vintage work desk will give them the feeling of a classy work environment.

When it comes to decorations and colours, they should respect the overall interior design of the entire suite. Use glass for modern and futuristic design, and incorporate wood into the more classical look. Choose a dominant colour like umber, royal green or purple and combine it with tones that are more vibrant. This will create layers in the room without adding too many details that can suffocate the design.

  • Bathroom fit for everyone's taste

When it comes to the bathroom, you want to create a space that will have everything a guest will need, but without turning it into a spa area. This means that the bathroom furniture needs to be of the utmost best material and the design modern and sophisticated. First of all, adding a bathtub and a shower to the bathroom allows guests to choose what they prefer.

If you already have a spa included in your suite, then opt for a standalone stone bathtub with brass spigots. Tubs come in different shapes and you can choose from a round, rectangular or oval one depending on the décor.

Create a luxurious shower area using stone tiles on your walls and floor. Instead of placing vanity in the bedroom, reserve a space for it here which will be separated from the sink and mirror. That way your guests can get ready while comfortably sitting at the table with specially lighted mirror and storage compartments for the cosmetics.

  • Choose your colours carefully

Not all colours are intended to accentuate luxury even though they can look great. When considering the colour palette for your suite, try to incorporate classic tones with natural materials. Always consult professional painters for colour solutions especially if you intend to respect the overall interior design of the whole hotel.

Plumbago grey had blue undertones, which make it a classy and sophisticated shade that will go well with natural materials like wood and stone. Caviar black is perfect to highlight certain features in the room, like one wall, carpet, and even marble floors. On the other hand, taupe is a great colour to use in master bedroom since it is calming and offers a variety of shades.

Those suites trying to avoid these classical looks can use more daring colours like turquoise and purple, which are usually associated with luxury. However, make sure that you carefully adapt these shades to the architectural layout and materials used for furniture.

  • Living area to fulfill every need

Living area in suites is usually a big space with rich and comfortable furniture that will fit at least ten people. It is intended for your guests to host parties, entertain guests or simply relax while watching TV. You can create an open space design and include a dining table into the living room, but the most important thing is to incorporate the exterior with it.

Namely, a big terrace and a large top to bottom glass wall will open up space and allow your guests to enjoy the marvelous view. One part of the room should have an exit to the outside pool so your guests can access it easily. A fireplace, modernly designed to fit the contemporary interior or classic massive stone feature, is something that living room must have and simply can't do without.

Final thoughts

Treating guests like royalty is the main trait of the hospitality business, but them feeling like one is the quality of only of those dedicated enough. Investing in luxurious interior design is a wonderful way to create a positive reputation for the hotel and become a brand. After all, every hotel strives to be the best, so why not do it in a royal way.

Victoria Lim

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