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Opinion Article 1 October 2021

Ace your space: Why your hotel design should go beyond nice interiors

By Youri Sawerschel, Founder of Creative Supply & Brand Strategist

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How do your guests feel when they enter your hotel? Are you guiding them through your property and do you provide a logical flow? In this article you will learn how to optimise your space and how it will contribute to a successful hotel concept.


The physical makeup of the hotel encompasses the zoning, the customer flow, as well as its interior design. A hotel space must match with its core story: a “rebel story hotel” should be designed differently than “a conservative elite hotel”.

Keep in mind that…

Zoning is the first and most essential step to planning your hotel space, as it greatly impacts the customer experience. Different spaces have different purposes and require sensible placing: a quiet library space will not do well if located next to a busy restaurant or hotel bar. Refining your customer flow allows guests to circulate smoothly between different zones, which reduces stress and can create new opportunities for generating revenue. Interior design should come last in the space design process. The brief should consider the story, as well as both zoning and customer flow. Integrating these variables upstream of the design process lets interior designers focus on aesthetic quality to bring your story to life with the right combination of furniture pieces, textiles, materials and decorative objects.

“Your hotel space must be aligned with your core story.”

Watch out!

Consider cultural and social norms when designing a space. Narrow corridors and dim lighting will encourage your guests to be quiet, while a bar area with high stools and loud music will encourage social interaction.



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