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Opinion Article 7 October 2021

The Future of Event Planning: How Online Teaching Has Created New Learning Possibilities

How online classes have forged new innovative ways of learning and collaborating between students and lecturers.

By Erik Pavrica, Lecturer at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland – Swiss Education Group

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When COVID-19 hit Switzerland in March 2020, it brought with it numerous, unprecedented challenges – forcing César Ritz Colleges Switzerland to shut our doors and quickly move all learning online.


For modules like Events Management, the need for social distancing and online learning seemed directly at odds with the task at hand. How could students learn to build an event from behind a screen in a field as tactile and interpersonal as event planning?

As a lecturer, I had to quickly find a solution that would allow students to continue their learning as effectively and meaningfully as their in-class activities. Enter, 3D Event Designer.

This innovative online simulation program allowed my hospitality and culinary arts students to continue creating and planning events throughout the pandemic.

When live events weren’t possible, this program allowed students to exercise their creativity while holding the same standards and learning outcomes as our in-class activities. Through the program, César Ritz Colleges Switzerland students simulated all the aspects of planning an event of their choice – from maximizing the event space, to catering considerations, even down to creating table layouts.

The table wizard component allowed students to be very clear and detailed in planning the table set up. Students had to determine every aspect from size, shape, linen choice, even down to the placement of flatware.

I was amazed to see my students embrace this new way of learning with great interest and passion, producing some amazing ideas in the process. Many of them went above and beyond, producing very detailed and creative designs and extras.

The second simulation students had to complete was to design and present a 3D tour of a presidential hotel suite of their own creation. Not only did students have to consider all the guidelines and specifications required, but the project culminated in a simulated sales presentation in which they had to practice pitching their design to a hotel owner.

These innovative programs help to teach students how to sell events to customers as well as develop their digital and video skills, which are much-needed in the industry.

While life and learning are slowly returning to normal at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, I’m not planning to go back to how things were before the pandemic. Instead, I intend to continue using these simulation programs as part of my curriculum. They are of great value to students for the future.

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