Digital Change or Digital Transformation? Understanding the Difference is key for Hotels — Photo by Are Morch, Digital Transformation Coach

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or confused if your hotel requires digital change or digital transformation, or maybe it all sounds like a lot of buzzwords flying around?

Digital change has been referred to as digital disruption. And digital change (disruption) is an outside-in process.

Digital transformation is an inside-out process.

Digital change has been perceived as threatening to a hotel. Some hotels that started implementing digital transformation started to experience similar perceptions.

There is a difference, and, in this article, we will look at how your hotel can create a more empowering digital transformation where your employees will volunteer to get on board.

Let’s dive into it…

Digital Change or Digital Transformation? Understanding the Difference is key for hotels.

In the past, most digital change in the hotel industry has been in silos. And in silos, none of the digital solutions are communicating with each other.

Digital change

Digital change refers to incremental changes or upgrades made to existing technology solutions or systems. While digital change can be beneficial, it typically does not result in the kind of significant and comprehensive change that digital transformation does.

Employees and leaders that worked within their dedicated silo took ownership of this environment. And this environment created resistance to digital change.

Resistance to change.

This type of resistance to change can be traced down to a person possessing certain abilities, preferences, or skills that can be traced back to education, parents, and genes. It can also be traced down to previous work experience, daily activity behavior, and social and relational networks.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is the application of new digital technology for hotel improvements in operations and markets, such as increasing customer experience, streamlining procedures, or establishing new business models.

And the underlying purpose of digital transformation is to find alternative ways for people and technology to work in harmony toward the common good of creating excellent experiences.

Digital transformation for hotels requires reimaging operating models and reinventing products and services using digital technologies, information, and customer engagement.

And the challenges here lay in resources and internal skills. Resistance to change these are a primary factor here.

While digital change can bring some benefits, digital transformation is the preferred approach for hotels that want to stay competitive, create more value for their guests, and achieve long-term success in today's digital age.

Digital technologies

Digital technologies are key technologies for the realization of new products and services for hotels today.

Today we are at a tipping point where current available cost-effective technology can help hotels solve any challenges.

In theory, available technology can help hotels cut costs and make them more profitable.

But for many hotels, this has not been the case. There has been resistance to change and in some cases sabotage toward digital transformation.

Tipping Point Leadership

To succeed with digital transformation, or digital change for that matter hotels require tipping point leadership.

Tipping point leadership typically:

  • Enforce established ways of doing things at your hotel.
  • Solve problems and put out fires.
  • Make more than one person responsible for the same initiative.
  • Request frequent and detailed progress reports on initiatives.
  • Conduct meetings for operational improvement.
  • Create a safe environment for learning.
  • Explain the strategy clearly.
  • Deal with poor performance.
  • Coach, inspire, and motivate direct reports.
  • Communicate the hotel's vision and what it means to people.

With tipping point leadership your hotel will start focusing on what acts and activities you need to do to create a leap in motivation and results driven by people, and not on whom they need to be.

Source: Are Morch, Digital Transformation CoachSource: Are Morch, Digital Transformation Coach
Source: Are Morch, Digital Transformation Coach

Tipping point leadership will also implement a digital transformation matrix that builds on digital change and focus on stages that will empower employees.

This is a matrix where the focus is on working with employees and embracing the values that will impact them, customers, the community, and the hotel.

And this process will cause cooperation and voluntary confirmation between the tipping point leadership and employees.

Source: Are Morch, Digital Transformation CoachSource: Are Morch, Digital Transformation Coach
Source: Are Morch, Digital Transformation Coach

The digital transformation matrix will help your hotel with a mindset shift that will unleash the power within and help overcome the challenges you have been facing for years.

Start leveraging digital change and digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Framework Partnership for Hotels

Hotels today must invest in people and technology in a context that adds value to everyone involved.

Don’t continue to neglect or take the people's transformation for granted. Technology is a digital tool that will help your hotel when implemented in collaboration with your employees.

Partner with your employees and they will help with retaining and hiring people.

I also invite you to work with me as your hotel partner to help implement a new innovative digital transformation framework that opens the digital gateways to more direct bookings without competing with the OTA.

Through value innovation, I help hotels with cost-effective alternatives that are focused on eliminating and reducing factors the hotel industry competes on. I also help lift employee and customer value by raising and creating elements that hotels never offered before.

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Are Morch is a digital transformation coach helping hotels open their digital front door, reimagine their processes and culture and transform experiences in a fast-paced world!

Are Morch
Digital Transformation Coach
Are Morch, Digital Transformation Coach

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