Google will be another winner from generative AI.

In March 2023 Google had 75.3 billion visitors vs 1.6 billion for ChatGPT.

There has been a very heated discussion about whether the launch of generative AI bots like ChatGPT marks the beginning of the end for Google Search near monopoly on finding the right answers about anything.

Here is my take

Through its subsidiaries Google Mind and DeepMind, Google is already the most-advanced AI company in the world, actually much more advanced than any other company or government on this planet.

Google's search algorithm has been using AI for more than a decade now and Google Answer Box has been providing AI-powered answers for years now.

In March Google launched Bard, its generative AI-powered chatbot, similar to ChatGPT. Now Google is working on integrating Bard into its search engine, naturally in a fashion that would allow it to continue making money from search. Let's not forget that the search engine generates 57% of Google's revenue.

Continuing making money from its search engine is Google's main problem today, not the AI technology. In other words, once Google figures out how they can combine their search with generative AI, they will be unstoppable.

Max Starkov