Last week we covered the basics of why professional activities management software is required to run your business effectively. Today I would like to get into the mindset of more demanding guests and what can be done to meet their needs. Everyone talks about creating exceptional guest experiences, but what practical things can we learn from business?

For example, guest feedback is a valuable resource for spa or golf managers, offering insights into their strengths and identifying the areas for improvement. Regular feedback collected via surveys, comment cards, or online reviews allows managers to assess guest satisfaction levels, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

Tracking and analyzing key performance indicators is essential for managers to understand the health of their business. KPIs such as occupancy rates, average treatment duration, retail sales per guest, and guest satisfaction provide valuable insights into their performance. Regular monitoring of KPIs helps to identify improvement areas, measure the effectiveness of marketing initiatives, and make data-backed decisions to enhance operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Deep integration into a POS (Point of Sales) system or a hotel's Property Management System (PMS) is essential to obtain rich data. Professional systems like TNG can retrieve guest reservation data and profile information and send any transactions at the activity outlet back to the POS or the PMS. The management dashboard, shown at login, monitors the most important KPIs and triggers actions such as initiating campaigns, altering prices, or optimizing offers in real-time. Predictive analytics, including AI (exporting or integrating to a BI), is the future.

Time to market is vital; consequently, Cloud-based solutions such as TNG, which can manage multiple properties in real-time within a single data storage environment, are crucial in reacting quickly to changing customer demands. Ideally, you should see the availability of treatments or golf tee times across multiple properties as part of the perfect shopping experience. At the same time, central reservation data provides meaningful insights into booking patterns and behavior, helping you to create even better offers. For example, imagine your most valuable customers using different facilities for longer or within other brand properties; this must be recognized to attain the perfect guest experience. Advanced analytics also help to keep stock and inventory in control and at optimal supply levels.

And what can you do with this information? What are the tools or processes to attract more customers? Should you even bother about loyalty or membership programs, and are gift cards or vouchers still being used?

This series will continue in next week’s Guest Activities & Experiences Management article, so please follow us on this channel. Also, don’t miss meeting the TNG team and myself at HITEC in Toronto, and schedule an appointment with us.

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Jakob Rieger
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