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As summer ends, the F&B business of many hotels can take a hit during the off-season. It is great to see that hotel F&B has seen a 5.5% annual growth each year since 2011, however, hoteliers are constantly trying to find new ways to gain momentum in their F&B efforts. Whether this is accomplished through more robust marketing plans, implementing new technologies on property, working with local companies, travel influencers, or restructuring their entire F&B program, hoteliers are always looking to improve the guest experience through their F&B services and offerings. I discussed the topic with my fellow HSMAI Rising Marketing Leaders and here are three tips that came out of our discussion.

  1. Personalized Experiences: Recognize the value of learning from and listening to guests. One member mentioned that after guests were asking for amenities upon arrival, they grew a program for enhancements such as local six-pack and snack options to be add-ons during room reservation. This not only meet guests’ preferences but also drive revenue.
  2. Local Products and Experiences: Enhance guest experiences by collaborating with local breweries, wineries, and other partners. This approach not only offers guests a local touch but also respects and engages with the local community. For hotel restaurants that don’t have large budgets, consider event activations such as having live music or advertising weekend brunch.
  3. Online Reputation Management: The group discussed how important online reviews are for restaurants and how hard it is to dig out from early bad reviews. Other members mentioned effectively using online platforms and local influencers, particularly through visually engaging formats like reels and TikToks, to effectively market their unique offerings. This focus on digital presence connects the worlds of marketing and food tourism.

Through the discussion it became clear that the Rising Marketing Leaders were passionate about the interplay between culinary experiences, marketing strategies, and food tourism and predict it will become a trending topic into 2024.

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  1. Does your company have a robust marketing plan around your F&B program?
  2. What are some of the most effective F&B marketing strategies for your hotel(s)?
  3. Have you made any recent changes to your F&B program? Did you notice any positive changes, such as guest satisfaction?
  4. Are there any strategies you found in these articles that you are considering bringing to your marketing plan?

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