Google trailing behind Instagram, TikTok: How Social Media is Changing the Travel Search LandscapeGoogle trailing behind Instagram, TikTok: How Social Media is Changing the Travel Search Landscape — Photo by Lodging Interactive

It used to be that you’d find the perfect hotel by contacting local travel agencies or searching on good old Google. But a new report shows that search methods are changing, especially for Gen Z consumers. Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok are becoming increasingly popular for discovering hotels.

Why the Shift?

Recent studies highlight a significant trend: Gen Z (aged 18 - 24) is turning to social media for their travel searches. This age group bypasses Google in favor of visually-driven platforms like Instagram (67%) and TikTok (62%) to find places to stay.

Social media's appeal lies in its ability to showcase hotels in a more immersive way. Eye-catching photos and videos can give travelers a better sense of a hotel's vibe, amenities, and surroundings compared to traditional text descriptions.

What This Means for Hotels

Social media is an increasingly valuable tool to help attract potential guests. Here's how to best leverage it:

  • Have Active Social Media Accounts: Many hotels have active social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok. When a potential guest follows your hotel’s social accounts, they’ll get first-hand access to high-quality photos and videos showcasing your property, as well as the inside scoop on your latest promotions and top amenities.
  • Include a Blend of Location Tags and Destination/Property-Specific Hashtags in Your Social Media Content: Gen Z also finds hotels by searching location tags and relevant destination hashtags. Featuring established CVB hashtags along with property-specific hashtags can lead those who may not discover your unique hotel on traditional travel websites to take notice.
  • Incorporate Hotel Reviews and Recommendations Whenever Possible: Social media can be a great source of user-generated content. Keep an eye out for stellar reviews and recommendations from travelers on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Ask for permission to share real guest photos to give social media users a more authentic feel for your property.

The Takeaway‍

Social media continues to revolutionize how travelers search for hotels. By combining the visual appeal of social media with the functionality of location tags, destination, and property-specific hashtags, you can confidently lead potential guests to select your hotel for their next adventure.

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