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Viewpoint31 August 2020

The (Green) Recovery Imperative: Hospitality Re-Set Or Bouncing Forward?

Sustainability in Hospitality

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Willy Legrand, Professor of Hospitality Management at the IUBH International University
Marloes Knippenberg
CEO of Kerten Hospitality

For the hospitality industry to come out of the havoc, we all need to focus on building Ecosystems grounded on sustainable supply chains with scale, as well as create elaborative business models across the larger value chain and through strategic partnerships locally and with international entities. The onus post-COVID-19 will no longer be on green investment for the recovery, but on ethical investment, sustainability for the sake of IMPACT, and growth in challenging industry times while supporting the Local Supply Chain that involves different stakeholders. Collectively, we will mature enough to engage investors, owners, guests, residents, entrepreneurs, digital nomads who will jointly foster that coveted impact.

Secondly, its mission-critical that local supply chains become transparent, responsible, and resilient with the pivot of going LOCAL where all parts are being self-sustaining. That can only be achieved when an owner and an operator share the same values: treating them as an extension of our business and engaging in a meaningful two-way dialogue.

Thirdly, 'sustainable recovery' is embedded in the soft parts and the soul of a project or the Building of a community within the larger sustainability-driven ecosystem and applying a shared commitment approach. How can you build sustainable long term value and RoI for your real estate unless you focus on long and short stays, conveniences, privacy to work and meet, with tailored and e-retail and e-food experiences. In order to deliver on this objective, we will need to admit that it is imperative to identify who you are targeting and what they want, the brands they seek, and how this connects. Ecosystems don't grow just because you make a fancy building with facilities. They grow wholesomely and will continue to grow to push the recovery in 2020 and beyond. 

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