BEYOND ROOM REVENUE this is the theme of the second episode of #TheRevenuemanager​ series going live the 22nd of april from 4:00pm CET featuring Ian Di Tullio Chief Commercial Officer Accor South Europe Sharad Kapur Consultant/Former Head of Revenue Strategy Hyatt Hotels Annamarie Gubanski CEO Taktikon moderator Scott Dahl Master's Program Director Les Roches Hospitality from 5:00pm CET the vendor track sessions begin: "live" Interview with Klaus Kohlmayr Chief Evangelist IDeaS Erik Tengen presents Oaky Vassilis Syropoulos presents Juyo Analytics 5:45pm CET the Masterclass: DON'T JUST SELL, UPSELL! A practical guide to upselling. Why is it necessary, in today's context, and how to make the best out of it for your hotel. coach: Jos Shaap CEO & Co-Founder Roomdex

This video is part of the THEREVENUEMANAGER series