Exploring the Future: Will AI Build the Metaverse?

Polybius Episode 8

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In this thought-provoking panel discussion, experts delve into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential role in constructing the elusive concept of the Metaverse. Join us as we explore the possibilities, challenges, and ethical considerations surrounding the intersection of AI and the creation of a fully immersive digital universe. Discover how AI technology may shape the future of virtual experiences, connectivity, and collaboration on a global scale. Gain insights from leading minds in the field as they discuss the potential impact and transformative power of AI in building the Metaverse of tomorrow.

After the success of #HNmetameetup, the first-ever Travel and Hospitality gathering in the Metaverse, Hospitality Net and Simone Puorto, futurist and founder of the consulting firm Travel Singularity, are back with a brand new metaverse series: Polybius. Click here to see the full schedule of upcoming episodes.

Every month, three innovators from the travel and metaverse world will join Simone for a virtual roundtable about topics such as Web3, NFT, crypto, blockchain, DAO, XR, and their current and future applications in our industry. Polybius' panelists are the very same people reshaping the metaverse economy: academics, researchers, entrepreneurs, and scientists from all over the World united to create the ultimate meta-all-stars-group.

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