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Reopening 4 May 2021

Le Negresco Hotel

Le Negresco - Reopening Thursday, May 6, 2021

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Le Negresco is happy to announce our grand reopening on Thursday, May 6.

Michelin-starred in-room dining for our reopening Virginie Basselot, our Michelin-starred chef and Meilleur Ouvrier de France, is keen to bring innovation and creativity to her cuisine. Top of Virginie's list are seasonal food and the outstanding producers on the Riviera. Our chef brings out the best of both with dishes that are sober and stylish, her perfect technique giving rise to contemporary creations. For our reopening, Virginie is proposing a revamped room-service menu that not only features starred dishes from Le Chantecler but also a lunch box so that our guests can maximize their enjoyment of the Riviera's climate. And all this while waiting to discover the new menus at La Rotonde (in May) and Le Chantecler (in June) ... Exceptional suites adorned with objets d'art

Le Negresco's ten "Exceptional" Suites will take you on a journey through the history of art accompanied by a sea view ! Whether they are decorated in Napoleonic, Renaissance or Contemporary style, each Suite is one-of-a-kind - a jewel in the heart of the hotel (re)designed by our upholstery workshops, the Compagnons du Devoir.

They represent an essential feature of the history of a luxury hotel. Royalty and great artists have stayed there, leaving behind an aura that hints at their genius and fame. The furniture in these Suites was collected piece-by-piece by Madame Augier, the original owner and passionate collector of works of art that she amassed across France.

Starting this summer, the new Exceptional Suites program will have some wonderful surprises in store together with some rather special extras, including a personalized guided tour of Le Negresco's major oeuvres (among 6,000 objects) : the tsar chandelier, the listed glass ceiling and the Belle Epoque facade - from Versailles to Saint Phalle, this is the rarest of opportunities.

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What other palace best symbolises the legend of the French Riviera? More than 100 years after its creation, as the perfect image of the legendary Riviera, the Negresco reveals our desire for enjoyment, relaxation and comfort.
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