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Press Release15 March 2017

Hilton’s Tru brand celebrates its unprecedented growth

Offering its guests a new hotel experience, Tru has revitalised a tired market and proves that hotels can be cool once again

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Rookie Hilton hotel brand Tru is hitting the big leagues, having experienced unprecedented growth and success in the midscale market since its launch only two years ago. Offering its guests a new hotel experience, with all the modern trappings of quality accommodation such as high-speed connectivity, lively common areas and efficient service, Tru has revitalised a tired market and proven that hotels can be cool once again. Positioning itself as refreshing, vibrant and affordable, Tru's hotels appeal to a huge cross-section of the public but its focus is specifically on milenials, who continue to challenge the hotel industry and demand new and fresh ideas and models.


The brand celebrated their groundbreaking achievements in fledgling expansion by hosting a series of events all over the US in September of last year. 10 events were organised in states as diverse as Texas, Pennsylvania, Mississippi and Iowa to exalt the brand's success, a move that is in keeping with their breaking of traditions within the industry. The brand's expansion is truly impressive; in just a year and a half they had secured the development of 120 hotels with a combined key count of 11,000, and planned to confirm a further 200 hotels, adding 18,000 more rooms to their total, quite the feat for such a young brand.

Tru's hotels are built around the idea that a hotel stay can be fun and easy while at the same time being accessible to a younger generation. Eccentricities such as a "build-your-own-breakfast" makes the first meal of the day an adventure, while the reception, or Command Centre, will double as a casual kiosk, offering snacks and sundries, perfect for weary travelers or party animals. New hotels keep popping up all over the country, we made a selection for you:

Designed to appeal cross-generationally, complimentary amenities will include breakfast, coffee and tea; mobile check-in and Digital Key available through the Hilton HHonors mobile app; a multifunctional fitness center; and segment-leading Wi-Fi bandwidth.

Plans provided to the Columbia Planning Commission indicate the hotel would stand four stories on about 1.3 acres. There would be no swimming pool or restaurant, but the hotel would serve complimentary breakfast.
There are plans for several Tru hotels in South Carolina, including in Sumter and North Charleston.

The 4-story hotel is located at 251 Avalon Court.
When completed, the new Tru McDonough will provide guests with smart and efficiently designed guest rooms and reimagined public spaces, including an open lobby with four distinct zones for lounging, working, eating or playing.

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