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Press Release21 November 2017

Millennium Hotels and Resorts Pioneers the World’s First Robot That Cooks Eggs

‘AUSCA’ the Autonomous Service Chef Associateat M Social Singapore

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SINGAPORE -- The M Social brand was created by our Chairman Mr Kwek LengBengwith the aim of inspiring the hospitality industry with his visionary thought for a space designed for the millennials & the millennial mindset.After the success of implementing AURA who is South East Asia's first Front-of-House Autonomous Service Delivery Robotin the hospitality industry last December 2016, Millennium Hotels and Resorts introduce the world's first Front-of-House Autonomous Service Chef Robot prototype, 'AUSCA'tothe hospitality industry, who prepares eggs for guests at M Social Singapore.


AUSCA has a unique talent that is different from his elder sister AURA. His job is to create the perfect egg dish at M Social Singapore's award winning restaurant Beast and Butterflies who was recently named 'World's Top 10 Restaurants by HOTELS Magazine 2017 Great Hotel Restaurants'. Once you place your plate on AUSCA, he will serve you up with the most essential dish of the breakfast, the eggs in a healthy way. AUSCA only requires guests to place an empty plate on him and make the selection of how they want their eggs cooked. As AUSCA is still a chef-in-training, at the moment he is able to prepare eggs either SunnysideUp or Omelette. In the near future, he will be programmed to offer more variation.

AURA, is also upgraded with a new feature. Besidesdeliveringitems like bottled water, towels, toiletries and amenities to guest rooms she can be found at the lobby or beast and butterflies interacting with guests.

"The move to implementing technology in hospitality is more rapid in Singapore than in other parts of the world. The focus of Millennium Hotels and Resorts is to pioneer this initiative and help the industry. To work with technology and to invest in innovation so as to enhance guest experience and be ahead of times." said Vice President of Operations Singapore, Mr Lee Richards of the Millennium Hotels and Resorts.

With the project management and financial support from Singapore Productivity Centre's Hotel Productivity Centre Applied Research initiative, AUSCA was developed by Kurve Automation with industry guidance from Republic Polytechnic's School of Hospitality.

"Singapore hotels face an extremely tight labour market. Such collaborative initiatives allow limited resources to fully concentrate on deepening guest engagement and satisfaction instead of laborious time-consuming tasks," said Ng Yu Lik, Principal Lecturer from Republic Polytechnic's School of Hospitality."

Millennium Hotels and Resorts is looking into the possibility of rolling AUSCA to Singapore hotels under the namely, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, M Hotel Singapore, Orchard Hotel Singapore, Copthorne Kings Singapore and Studio MHotel. The company is looking at further introduction on cleaning enhancements, to aid and assist the housekeeping department

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