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Supplier News 8 May 2018

Chargerback Adds Lost-And-Found Function to Whistle Guest Messaging Platform

Whistle provides streamlined lost-and-found messaging for hotels with Chargerback partnership.

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Whistle, a premiere guest messaging platform, has partnered with Chargerback, a leading lost-and-found software, to give hotel staff the ability to streamline lost-and-found operations with guests through text and mobile messaging.

"We are thrilled to partner with Chargerback and to provide their lost-and-found solution to our customers," says Christopher Hovanessian, cofounder and CEO of Whistle. "With such a high volume of post-stay lost-and-found inquiries from guests, we are excited to now streamline this process and to promote additional guest satisfaction."

With Whistle, hotels using Chargerback can now message their guests to initiate the lost-and-found process in real-time via SMS text messaging and mobile messaging. This is especially practical for the majority of travelers who carry their smartphone and want to easily let the hotel know that they have left an item behind.

"Guests now prefer software solutions before, during, and after their stay, to meet their needs and solve their problems. Chargerback and Whistle are the perfect combination of software applications to serve hotel guests every step of the way. We are excited with the opportunities this partnership now brings to both organizations," Brian Colodny, CPA, President, and cofounder of Chargerback, Inc.

Whistle has already helped several of its customers successfully streamline the lost-and-found process with guests. The new partnership is meant to help optimize hotel operations and reduce friction for any traveler, to ensure they are kept up-to-date on their lost item – providing instant relief for every guest.

About Whistle

Whistle is the number-one rated Guest Messaging platform. With over 85% of travelers carrying their smartphone, Whistle allows Hotels and guest to communicate via SMS Text Messaging and Mobile Messaging pre, during, and post-stay. Whistle enhances customer service through real-time guest engagement, helping boost service scores while streamlining internal communication and operations through team messaging.

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About Chargerback

Chargerback is the leading provider of lost and found solutions. Chargerback is dedicated to providing a robust, state-of-the-art PCI compliant technology solution to assist airlines, hotels and resorts of all sizes, casinos, resorts, rental car companies, cruise lines, amusement parks, ski resorts, and public spaces, with providing exceptional customer service in the area of lost and found. Chargerback's cloud based solution, which includes a database, guest facing notifications, a PCI compliant payment module and integrated shipping options, is designed to eliminate inefficiencies associated with this cumbersome and frustrating process.

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