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Press Release 9 May 2018

Wine in a keg? There’s more to it than meets the eye

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LAUSANNE, Switzerland -- In a collaboration between CG Industry, the IFV (The French Wine and Vine Institute), the School of Oenology and Viticulture of Changins, Bibarium, the Cantons of Vaud, Geneva and Neuchatel, and the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), the Ecofass-Vin wine in a keg solution is being studied and tested for the European market.


Ecofass-Vin is wine on tap, thanks to a keg. The keg preserves the taste and quality of the wine while also providing a more ecological approach. One barrel of 20 liters replaces 30 glass bottles of wine, requires less space to store, and saves on recycling of corks, labels and wine boxes - which translates to a lower carbon footprint overall.

Several famous winemakers (for example, Stephane Gros) and producer cooperatives (such as the Cave de Geneve) already trust the wine in a keg solution. Clients confirm they are saving money, with fewer partially consumed bottles and less corked wine. Using the kegs also saves on storage space and requires less handling by servers.

For consumers, the wine in a keg solution offers the ability to sample wines and learn about different varieties without having to order an entire bottle of wine. They also value the less expensive alternative to bottles, the opportunity for better food and wine pairings, and the eco-friendly approach.

In France, EHL research has noted that many consumers have already expressed a preference for wine by the glass. EHL will conduct further research among consumers who might resist the absence of service and presentation rituals of bottled wine to better understand any barriers.

The market potential for the kegged wine product is substantial. In the US, the system has been adopted by more than 4,700 establishments, and conditions in Russia and Italy are favorable for wine in a keg and draught consumption. Closer to home, in the Romandie region, 14 establishments have adopted wine in a keg, and about half of the restaurants and beverage providers of the Romandie favor the solution, according to research from EHL.

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Sherif Mamdouh
External Communications Manager
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