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Supplier News 5 December 2018

Visible and empathetic corporate leadership team will continue to hold strategic importance for the hospitality business in 2019

Excerpt from Beekeeper's Hospitality Industry Trends For 2019

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As we've witnessed the rise of social media transform tech and business leaders into celebrities in their own right, having a visible and empathetic corporate leadership team will continue to hold strategic importance for the hospitality business in 2019. As millennials climb in their careers and have more disposable income to spend on travel, executive hotel staffers should be prepared to branch out with new initiatives that will capture the unique social media-fueled zeitgeist of this generation.


Embracing the Bleisure Class

As millennials continue to be a hot target demographic, the hospitality industry is working hard to cater to this customer base. This year, expect to see a continued interest in bleisure, also known as business travel mixed with leisurely travel.

For young professionals, bleisure is the perfect opportunity to take an extended vacation after a week of mandatory meetings and networking mixers (kind of a "kill two birds with one stone" attitude). Not only do these extended vacations help keep hotels full and dinner reservations booked, but a happy millennial in vacation mode is also more likely to spend money on other amenities. It's a win-win for every category within the hospitality industry so be sure to utilize resources properly and take advantage of it.

Playing to the Instagram Crowd

As influencer-based visual marketing continues to dominate in 2019, going the extra mile with aesthetics and amenities could be game-changing for your hospitality business. Some travelers are completely content to stay in a standard room with minimal amenities, but if you're offering very little, the price tag must match. People who pay for a hotel room, whether it's at a chain or a small boutique hotel, want a place with character and unique features.

While hotel bars may seem a little "hokey" and outdated, don't be surprised if we start seeing more places that have a 24/7 "grab n' go" eatery or an art museum attached to the hotel. Even if your guests are only staying for eight hours, they should have access to the same variety as someone who stays for two nights. Imagine the business that a hotel-sponsored experience museum like the "Museum of Ice Cream" might attract.

Strategic social spend will also continue to be a great way to stay on top of digital marketing trends in 2019. Allocating resources to explore the current roster of popular social apps allows companies to constantly put their best creative foot forward. Thinking long and hard about your company's public persona will help you further define your key verticals and customer co-horts, ensuring that all digital marketing efforts going forward are supported by hard and fast data.