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Supplier News19 December 2018

SAI, Mediafolio, and eHotelier Partner to Create a Targeted In-App Learning Experience

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Systems Associates, Inc.

Systems Associates, Inc., makers of SynergyMMS, a hotel operational efficiency software system, announced its partnership with Seattle based software company Mediafolio Technologies and Melborne based instructional company eHotelier Pty. This integration will produce improved performance quality and targeted training for hotel employees everywhere. Working together with SingleStep, the intelligent employee assistant developed by Mediafolio, and eHotelier's career development portal, SynergyMMS users will enhance the onboarding process for new employees and ensure quality standards at hotels worldwide from directly inside the application.

This partnership combines each company's expert knowledge to create a simple and integrated training solution for hotel operations teams. The combined back-of-house solution provides hotel staff with tools to follow standard operating procedures to deliver a quality, consistent product experience to guests. "When onboarding new staff members, equipping users with useful information through an effective training method is a fundamental element to their success. Our goal is to improve the user experience by providing convenient access to the right information. With this integration, employee training becomes quicker; enabling staff to serve guests with their best foot forward," said Matthew Stephens, President of eHotelier.

These integrated systems will help employees of all departments onboard quicker, especially housekeeping and engineering. Having this resource handy may also aid new or outsourced housekeeping teams in deciphering how employees should complete services based on the different brand standards at each hotel. Instead of having a supervisor or experienced housekeeper repeatedly train new employees on the specifics of rooms and services, like placement of amenities, or how a certain hotel brand readies a room, eHotelier and SingleStep can populate property-specific information from within SAI's PerfectRoom® App. The PerfectRoom App, a module of SynergyMMS specifically designed for Housekeeping teams to boost productivity, allows guest room attendants to view their next assignment and process rooms in real-time based on priority.

"Hoteliers need to empower their staff with resources that help them perform their job better and consistently," said John Clark, SynergyMMS Vice President. "We are excited to have a tool that combines productivity and quality assurance in a single easy-to-use platform. This is the best way to get more value from labor. By improving training quality and effectiveness during onboarding, hotel teams can spend more time boosting the guest experience."

With SingleStep's enhanced learning tools and eHotelier's industry-specific content, both available directly in SynergyMMS Apps, onboarding processes can take less time without losing effectiveness. "This complete guided solution creates a better overall user experience. There is no need to install, test, and deploy a second application; all three products are available from within the SynergyMMS platform," said Matt Kowalczyk, President of Mediafolio Technologies, referring to the seamless integration between the systems, "Users will never have to leave the app to get property-specific information, thus creating a more efficient way of training and continued learning." The combination will also act as a help reference for users. "How-to" videos and step-by-step written content are available immediately to explain how to carry out duties based on criteria provided by management.

About Mediafolio Technologies

Mediafolio Technologies, Inc, founded in Seattle, Washington, in 2013, developed a robust internet platform displays intelligent control software for stadiums, 911 dispatch centers, corporate theaters, and most recently for its flagship platform, SingleStep, deployed in hotels worldwide. SingleStep is the only intelligent training platform that uses context to deliver timely, incremental content to workforces to provide more consistent, on-brand services while spending less time learning directly from supervisors. Visit to learn more.

About eHotelier is the world's largest online hospitality portal, currently serving over 200,000 hospitality professionals from 196 countries around the globe. eHotelier provides professional development resources to industry professionals through online learning, career development, reference materials and collaboration. eHotelier uses learning materials created by world-renowned associations and institutions and courses specifically created under the guidance and endorsement of leading industry educators. By learning from any mobile or web device worldwide and with currently over 130 courses available, users can unlock full potential in their hospitality career. Industry leaders are relying on eHotelier to grow their careers, their teams and their businesses. Visit to learn more.

About Systems Associates Inc.

Systems Associates Inc. is a developer of software and hardware solutions for Maintenance and Energy Management in the hospitality, education, government, commercial real estate, and retail markets. Operating in the cloud, these enterprise solutions give customers global access to innovative technologies. SynergyMMS improves the condition of a property by creating "synergy" between the various departments involved in the maintenance process thereby increasing the productivity of staff and the longevity of assets. With over 30+ years of quality relationships, SAI's experience and portfolio is an excellent resource for hospitality clients globally. For more information on SAI and/or its CONTROLIQ and SynergyMMS solutions, visit,, and respectively.

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