This Thursday, Ireckonu will be attending and speaking at this year's HTNG Hospitality Tech Summit, located at Hotel Okura Amsterdam. Industry expert and Ireckonu's VP of Sales, Kees van Donk, will be representing Ireckonu as they align themselves with Hotel Okura and discuss the start of their joint journey, focusing on the boundless enhancements Ireckonu can bring to an already exceptional hotel. Ireckonu's ability to communicate with all the on-premises and above property systems, consolidate the data trapped in data silos, and display them on a living, updated dashboard, provides Hotel Okura with newfound insights on integral information about their guests and the hotels systems. This presentation will be done in collaboration with Michiel Roelfsema, deputy General Manager of the Hotel Okura Amsterdam.

A few kilometers down the road, Hanna Schiller, VP of Marketing and Business Development, and Inge van Weert, General Manager of QO, will present at SAIA's SBC & Trend Partner conference, highlighting another collaborative partnership between Ireckonu and QO Amsterdam - a trailblazing, eco-efficient hotel, centered near the heart of Amsterdam. QO is aiming to become a staple in the hospitality industry, designing a warm and welcoming hotel that runs with the utmost efficiency and provides guests with a one-of-a-kind experience. QO and Ireckonu's harmonized ideals of optimal productivity and technological advancement allow both partners to expand on these focal points, utilizing Ireckonu's middleware solution as a framework to ultimately become an 100% Energy Neutral Hotel. Both QO and Ireckonu are looking to create a new standard for how a modern, luxury hotel should look and function. 

About Ireckonu

Founded in 2014, Ireckonu is a Dutch company committed to empowering the hospitality industry by putting guests at the center of new digital foundations. With over 50 employees globally, the company provides SaaS products and services to some of the world's leading hotel brands. For more information, please visit 

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Hanna Schiller
VP of Product

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