AUSTIN, Texas - Advantage Hotels, Inc. (AHI) is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with VenueLytics that offers its AI-powered Reputation Management and Guest Experience platform to Vista® and Select Inn® properties.

VenueLytics' real-time reputation management platform provides a personalized welcome message to guests, sends surveys and gets real-time feedback and ratings while guests are at the hotel, and proactively handles the service requests and concerns from the guest to increase revenue and net promoter score. The automated 24/7 digital concierge provides AI-driven services via ChatBot (SMS, Messenger, Apps) and voice-activated devices to engage with guests 24/7 and improve operational efficiency.

"We are thrilled to announce our partnership with VenueLytics to power reputation management solutions for our hotels. We understand the immediate impact online reputation scores have on individual property reservation generation and ADR potential. This partnership will help properties effectively manage their guest feedback and reviews and lend to improved performance for our owners and our brands," said AHI's VP of Franchise Services, Amanda Belmonte.

"We are excited about our partnership with Advantage Hotels, Inc. to provide AI-driven reputation management and predictive analytics. AHI's Vista & Select Inn properties will leverage VenueLytics advanced technology that delivers up to 10X guest participation. VenueLytics' leap in feedback management is a result of state-of-the-art AI automation that provides a seamless guest experience in real time," said VenueLytics Co-Founder Baskar Manivannan.

For information on franchising with AHI, visit or call 440-306-2442.

About Advantage Hotels, Inc.

Advantage Hotels, Inc. (AHI) is a privately held company based in Austin, TX that franchises Vista and Select Inn - performance-driven brands featuring preferred hotel amenities, marketing and operations support, effective hospitality management services, and construction and décor options. Through custom individual franchising, AHI is creating meaningful change in the franchisor/franchise owner relationship within the hospitality industry. The company's goal is to deliver an equitable franchise arrangement where the results are driven through uncompromising service for franchise owners and guests.

About VenueLytics

VenueLytics provides an AI-driven Reputation Management and Guest Experience platform for the hospitality industry. VenueLytics' patent-pending machine-learning technology and service automation empower venues to engage with their guests in real time. These timely concierge services deliver advanced reputation management capabilities to dramatically increase revenue and guest satisfaction (NPS). For more information, visit