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External Article19 August 2020

Why Hotels Are Still Opening Even With Travel Restrictions In Place

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Somewhere high up in the mountainous regions of Switzerland, a general manager walks up to the second floor of his luxury 5-star hotel and smiles down at the influx of guests.

In the heart of the hospitality industry's battle against Covid-19, this general manager smiles wholeheartedly without hesitation - 85% occupancy, new guests arriving daily and his staff are all healthy and getting back into the rhythm of doing what they know best - serving customers and making sure they walk away with happy memories.

This luxury hotel in Switzerland is one of those hotels with a smiling GM.

While the hospitality industry struggles, talk around the 'water cooler' is that city hotels are suffering but 'rural' regions, like Gstaad are seeing a good flow of travel-desperate guests and actually receiving more guests than they did last year.

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