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External Article 3 September 2020

What Today's Travelers Want In Their Accommodations

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Expedia Group Media Solutions

Here at Expedia Group Media Solutions, our continued mission is to support our advertising partners as they navigate the COVID-19 crisis, including sharing best practices, data, and insights. As we look toward recovery, we're working to understand how travelers are thinking about leisure travel in the time of COVID-19—their preferences, expectations of travel brands, and behaviors. We are tapping into these insights to help our advertising partners connect with highly engaged travel shoppers across Expedia Group brands around the globe.

We recently conducted a sentiment study with research experts dscout to understand what is driving the decisions of today's travel shoppers and we're sharing our findings via webinars, virtual events, and series of blog posts. Our first post looks at the overarching trends that our research uncovered. Among other data points, we learned that planned leisure trips through December 2020 are primarily domestic (76%) and focused on quality time with loved ones: family leisure trips, visiting friends and/or relatives, and romantic trips are the top trip types.

Although a slight skew toward domestic travel and the popularity of family vacations aligns with some of our prior custom research, accommodation preferences have shifted in recent months.

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