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External Article 7 September 2020

The future of hotels is sleek... but oh-so impersonal

Hospitality hasn't stalled during the pandemic, but it has shifted to a new operations model.

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As the hotel and hospitality sectors are suffering under pandemic-related travel and recreation restrictions, an outlier may point the way to a new paradigm for hotel guests. It's efficient, sanitary, and oh so impersonal.

The company, Jurny, Inc., creates SaaS-based management solutions for short-term rentals. Its triple-digit growth during the pandemic is an early clue of what kind of reality awaits travelers when restrictions finally ease.

One of the most fascinating exercises during the pandemic is to compare various companies' sales pitches prior to the outbreak with their current marketing language. Robotics, which I cover, is a prime example. While most automation firms prior to the pandemic went out of their way to avoid suggesting their technology would replace humans, the latest wave of pitches boasts that various products can reduce health-related down time and increase sanitation.

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