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Supplier News10 November 2020

Vizergy® Enhances Marketing System with Greater Targeting Capabilities

Hospitality marketing leader helps clients spend smarter and outperform competitors with ongoing technology innovations.

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Vizergy Digital Marketing

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Vizergy® Digital Marketing deploys software updates to meet ever-changing search engine algorithms, augment target marketing efforts and increase direct revenue for clients.

The software updates are enhancements to Vizergy's all-in-one marketing system and allow clients instant access to the system's benefits without additional work or time lag. "That's a key differentiator of our Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, the Vizergy Marketing System, compared to other software platforms," said Addams England, Vizergy Senior Vice President of Information Technology. "Our platform is continually being refined, and all of our clients benefit from these upgrades."

Enhancements to the Vizergy Marketing System include:

  • Updates to TargetingHub — Vizergy's first-in-industry customer data platform offers their hospitality clients greater customer insights, data visualization and campaign performance to improve targeted marketing efforts.
  • Addition of Offers Application to Vizergy's Content Management System (CMS) — With the capability to generate automated landing pages, this application allows clients tohighlightnew offers and promotions in record time then schedule for the appropriate time. The application includes built-in, hyper-focused personalization functions, giving clients the ability to improve conversion potential for marketing campaigns.
  • Implementation of Adobe Analytics' latest version — Adobe's web analytics tool provides clients the highest level of business intelligence capabilities to perform detailed market analysis and empower decision-making.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enhancements for structured data and page speed — This automated enhancement helps clients meet ever-demanding search engine needs so that their websites rank higher in search engines and achieve greater visibility, driving more targeted traffic to their websites.

Vizergy's ongoing innovations are integral to sustaining leadership in a highly-competitive market and the key to its success. "The system continues to evolve as we keep investing in our platform so our customers have the best tool to compete and drive more direct revenue to their website," said Vizergy President Robert Arnold.

With steady advancements in its marketing system, Vizergy looks toward the future to provide technology solutions that bring new value to clients.

About Vizergy® Digital Marketing

Vizergy serves the world's hospitality industry with conversion optimized website design and fiercely competitive tools to maximize revenue. Our formula for success includes cutting-edge technologies, proven digital marketing programs and the best professionals in the industry. At Vizergy, hospitality marketing is not only our mission, it's our sole focus.

For more than 20 years, Vizergy has relentlessly developed and deployed the best marketing technologies and talent to serve thousands of hospitality clients with excellence. The company deploys complete travel life-cycle marketing solutions from responsive website design and development, to proven award-winning digital marketing programs, reservation solutions, media planning and deployment. Vizergy's platform has long been touted as the #1 digital marketing system for hospitality clients, easy to deploy, turnkey and SMART, empowering clients to win in today's complex and competitive hospitality industry.

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