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External Article11 January 2021

What are travelers afraid of in 2021? And what should they actually be worried about?

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Walt Meyer is afraid of getting sick when he travels. Too many people aren't taking COVID-19 seriously, he says.


He'd travel again this year if he could be sure that his fellow passengers were virus-free.

"If they could require everyone to arrive an hour early, get tested, then wait for test results before boarding a flight or entering a resort, it would eliminate some of the risks," says Meyer, an author and professional speaker from San Diego.

His fears are justified, say experts. COVID-19 will be the No. 1 travel concern of 2021, particularly during the first half of the year. But there are other concerns. The question is: What should travelers be afraid of?

A recent poll by Travelex Insurance identified the top two travel fears: Getting stuck in another country and catching the coronavirus. Travel professionals are trying to help. One solution: offering a pledge to customers like the one Travel Leaders introduced late last year. Its Book With Confidence program helps its agents advise clients about where, when and how to travel.

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