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Supplier News 3 May 2021

RoomCloud Presentation - RoomCloud - The Sky Is Your Limit

Pitch at "The Revenuemanager" LIVE Series - Episode #1

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RoomCloud offers to Hoteliers a full suite of products for online sales. Our Products offer you a variety of solution to answer your revenue needs. It would be easier to manage your own reservations from all OTA's or GDS with only one log in, don't it? Do you think that your web site is not so useful to increase reservations? Try our Booking Engine or Distribution Manager...and save you hours of time.

About The Revenuemanager LIVE Series

Based on the success of FunnelTV's Marketplace, Hospitality Net and FunnelTV are teaming up in 2021 to launch a bi-weekly series of live streaming events exclusively covering revenue management and digital marketing in hospitality. Started in April 2021, The Revenuemanager events serve as a platform for smart insights and transformative debate as we navigate a brand-new, re-invention environment for the global hotel industry. For more information and full episode recordings visit

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Marketing Manager
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