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External Article27 July 2021

The next normal: How travel brands can chart the journey forward from Covid-19

The global coronavirus pandemic impacted nearly every industry on Earth, but few as intensely as travel and hospitality.

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With cities locked down, borders closed and mask-wearing people limiting exposure to each other, it’s not surprising that airlines, hotels and travel experience providers all saw staggering drops in their businesses during 2020. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, the travel and hospitality sector lost nearly $4.7 trillion last year. Yikes.

But with vaccination programs beginning to make an impact globally, these industries are poised for a potential rebound. People are desperate to see far-away relatives, reconnect with business contacts and just get a break from their everyday lives. To turn things around, the travel industry needs to build customer confidence, effectively communicate messaging and develop new strategies for a post-pandemic world.

To help these brands plot a path forward, comprehensive customer engagement platform Braze – in collaboration with data partners Skyscanner and Apptopia – took a deep dive into the travel space to explore consumer sentiment, better understand the shifting market and create best practices for travel brands moving forward. And in the process, we discovered some remarkable changes in the way people are approaching travel.

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