An interview with Ricky Raman, COO of PeachState Hospitality, and Chuck Jones, VP of Sales, myDigitalOffice.

It is not very often that I get to interview two individuals who are as passionate about the hotel industry as Ricky and Chuck. Having both worked together in hotel operations and Chuck now working as part of the vendor community, this conversation illuminates the requirement for both suppliers of hotel technology and hotel operations to team up as partners.

Leveraging data insights to drive revenues, decrease costs or manage the current instability in the labor market is a primary focus for today’s hoteliers. We will discuss how guests’ expectations have changed and how data can assist hoteliers in meeting this change, as well as how getting creative in the use of data helps keep hoteliers stay aware of the changing environment we all live in.

Spend 30-minutes with us as we chat about the future of data gathering, analysis, aggregation, and helping the hotel industry make better decisions.

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