• Costa Rica hotels are first in portfolio to secure carbon neutral certification
  • Selina’s commitment to community and inclusion fosters gains in social and governance objectives
  • Establishes goals for ESG operational standards, measuring greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption, reducing single-use plastic and for implementing social responsibility programs worldwide

NEW YORKSelina, the fast-growing lifestyle and experiential hospitality brand targeting millennial and Gen Z travelers, issued its inaugural Environmental, Social and Governance, or “ESG” report today, with robust reporting of tangible progress made in 2021.

With environmental and social consciousness in its DNA and “impact” among its five core values, Selina’s operating philosophy fuels ESG initiatives rooted in care for the planet, starting with its host communities. In 2021, the company focused on setting a baseline for achieving its long-term ESG goals, putting in place a comprehensive infrastructure to enhance its mission and measure its impact on people and the planet. This effort allowed the company to establish a set of achievable medium-term goals, including the launch of a pilot program to measure its greenhouse gas emissions – which launched this year with plans to extend it to 100% of Selina’s operations by 2024.

Demonstrating the company’s strong progress in 2021, Selina’s entire 10-property Costa Rica portfolio was certified net-zero for carbon emissions. To achieve this distinction, the company implemented a number of practices that align to standards set forth by the 100% Carbon Neutral® International Program, The Envira Amazonia Tropical Forest Conservation Program and The Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative. Moreover, the company is making progress on its goal to reduce paper waste by implementing technology and enhancing its app to support paperless check-in. In 2021, 30 percent of check-ins were completed through the app, and Selina completed an update in 2022 with the intention of supporting 80 percent of check-ins. On the social front, Selina continues to advance its mission of fostering meaningful connections. In 2021, 66 percent of guests and 80 percent of employees reported meeting a friend during their stays.

Selina CEO and Co-Founder Rafael Museri said, “Selina was born out of a desire to celebrate the nomadic lifestyle by giving guests the chance to experience our planet's most beautiful places, to build community, to engage with locals and fellow travelers, to work and enjoy new adventures. Doing all of this while mitigating our carbon footprint is key to our efforts to be a responsible corporate citizen, delivering value in a way that goes beyond the bottom line. We’ve taken considerable time to determine how best to establish an ESG program that reflects our mission and enables us to increase and measure our impact over time, and we look forward to continuing to build on these efforts.”

To that end, Selina also detailed some of the progress it has made advancing its ESG initiatives in 2022. It has expanded its measurement of greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption to 20 locations in six countries, as well as eliminated single-use plastic at 30 percent of its properties with a goal of eliminating usage entirely by 2025.

Added Maya Federman, Selina’s Director of ESG, “Selina has implemented a number of diverse initiatives related to ESG matters over the last eight years, and in 2021 we took it a step further, consolidating these efforts under a single vision that can be evolved over time. In launching our formal ESG program and releasing our inaugural report, we are holding ourselves accountable to the standards we are setting to maximize our social impact, minimize our environmental footprint and operate with high standards of corporate governance.”

Additional highlights of the report include:


  • All 10 Costa Rica locations are certified net zero for carbon emissions by the 100% Carbon Neutral® International Program. This program serves as a model for all other Selina locations to start measuring their greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption.
  • Selina uses a circular economy approach, growing not through new construction, but by leveraging adaptive reuse to breathe new life into existing buildings and upcycling and/or recycling furniture and other valuable pieces of inventory.
  • Waste management initiatives range from reducing single-use plastics to converting to an app-based check-in process to reduce paper usage, as well as providing water re-filling stations and reusable drinkware to limit the use of disposable materials.


  • Selina continues to make meaningful progress advancing its mission to deliver destinations that positively impact people, communities and local businesses by creating new jobs and facilitating connections through authentic programming, experiences and educational initiatives. In 2021, this programming included workshops, fundraising initiatives, crisis responses, community service projects, women’s empowerment programs, and LGBTQ2+, DEI and animal protection activities.
  • The Selina Gives Back Hospitality Program promotes economic opportunity for all by providing free job training programs to unemployed local community members in vulnerable situations or who face challenges accessing higher education. In 2021, approximately 87% of graduates went on to pursue further study or found employment in the hospitality industry.
  • Selina conducted nearly 800 Impact Programs in 2021, where employees volunteer in their host communities to respond to needs based on interviews the team conducts with local stakeholders. These programs were active in 14 countries, benefitting more than 28,000 people and resulting in the donation of more than 10,500 employee hours.


  • As part of Selina’s efforts to become public company ready, the company is building out a Board of Directors comprising diverse perspectives from highly qualified executives with backgrounds in tech, hospitality, real estate, marketing and other relevant fields.
  • Selina has committed to a goal of achieving at least 30 percent diversity of Board membership with plans to appoint at least two directors who self-identify as female and one who self-identifies as either an underrepresented minority or LGBTQ2+ before or within the first year after the closing of its planned business combination and public listing this year.
  • Selina is working to codify the business and ethical principles that will govern all aspects of its business going forward as part of a new Code of Conduct to be rolled out in 2022.

About Selina

Selina is one of the world's largest hospitality brands built to address the needs and desires of millennial and Gen Z travelers, blending beautifully designed accommodation with coworking, recreation, wellness, and local experiences. Custom-built for today's nomadic traveler, Selina provides guests with a global infrastructure to seamlessly travel and work abroad. Founded in 2014, each Selina property is designed in partnership with local artists, creators, and tastemakers, breathing new life into existing buildings in interesting locations around the world – from urban cities to remote beaches and jungles. Selina's portfolio includes over 163 open or secured properties across 25 countries and 6 continents. On December 2, 2021, Selina entered into a definitive merger agreement with BOA Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: BOAS), the closing of which, which is subject to customary conditions, will result in Selina becoming a publicly listed company. For further information on Selina, visit www.selina.com or check out @selina on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.