Source: NOMAD Hotels Group
Source: NOMAD Hotels Group
  • It will open its first hotel in the city of Arequipa in December 2022
  • It is developing 04 projects in Peru with a private investment of US$ 150,000,000
  • Projects its international expansion with the INDIGO brand restaurants and the AMBAR brand bars

NOMAD Hotels Group is the first Peruvian "home-boutique" hotel chain, it will offer hotel concepts and innovative experiences. It is aimed at digital nomad travelers, welcoming them as in their own home. The chain is inspired by the co-living model, which is present throughout the concept and hopes to expand it throughout the world.

NOMAD emerged as an idea to be developed in 2013 by the Peruvian Christopher Ramos, its Founding CEO. It was in 2020 that the concept of the 6 hotel brands, Urban, Tribe, Family, Ecohotel, Village and Hybrid, became a reality and began to develop. In addition, the qASA CARE co-working concepts, the INDIGO gastronomic spaces and the AMBAR bars, which will be developed transversally to the 6 brands or independently as well.

Christopher Ramos, Founding CEO of NOMAD Hotels, comments: “We are proud and excited to present these brands and concepts that embody the DNA of Peruvian hospitality. We feel that being a true digital NOMAD gives you freedom and we want guests to feel at home through the co-living model. Our collaborators will give the best of themselves so that our guests live authentic experiences, know and enjoy the essence of each destination, and where they will be welcomed as friends who get to know the place”

NOMAD Hotels Group will open its first hotel in the city of Arequipa under the Nomad Urban brand in December 2022 with 18 rooms. Other projects under development and that will be carried out in the next 3 years are: A 250-room hotel in Lima, another 50-room hotel in Oxapampa and an 80-room hotel in Zorritos.

Christopher Ramos adds, “We are working without sparing resources or efforts for this moment, the opening of our first property in the beautiful white city of Arequipa. In addition, in communion with external investments and our own resources, we have a fund of more than US$ 150 million to execute 04 projects in Peru in the next 3 years, and we plan to open another 10 properties in the next 5”.

Currently, the chain runs two business models: Management consists of renting the property, transforming it and adapting it to the standards of our concepts, and Nomad is in charge of its management. In the second model, Owner, the land is rented or acquired and the building is built with the support of external investment, and Nomad is in charge of its operation and management.

NOMAD, in its portfolio, has created 6 hotel concepts with a very defined essence:

  • Nomad Urban: It is a "Social Hub" for millennials and executive Zetas. Nomad is aware that the ambition to improve the world is great, as is the style and personal touch. Nomad Urban is a high-experience spot where the success of the place is not measured in stars, but in how many friends you make with your hospitality.
  • Nomad Tribe: It is a hub for explorers, the curious, artists, groups of friends, altruistic entrepreneurs and those who consider the world as their true home. Nomad Tribe combines the inclusive, human and supportive worldview of a backpacker with the best trendy and eco style in a boutique format.
  • Nomad Family: It is a place designed so that children can enjoy themselves freely, where couples can feel far from the shocks of everyday life. But, above all, where together they will live the best experience of their lives. Nomad Family is the hotel designed for adults, children and medium-sized ones as well.
  • Nomad Ecohotel: It is a hotel format that takes all the luxury of a 5-star hotel and transforms it into an eco-friendly paradise just like the best eco-lodges in the world. Nomad EcoHotel is a place for high-level tourists, concerned about the preservation of the environment, and at the same time, focused on resting in unimaginable places.
  • Nomad Village: It's an experience you need, but still can't find. Its architectural typicity favors textures, shapes and colors, which, together with its management model, make the space something unique and completely one's own. Nomad Village is the opportunity to live in a hotel forever.
  • Nomad Hybrid: It is a space where working and living can coexist in perfect harmony, and with that special touch that the Nomad style gives it. The concept includes commercial areas, collaborative work areas and housing.

qASA CARE, "co-working evolves towards co-growth"

Nomad Hotel Group, in its quest to offer new experiences, has created CARE (Center for High Business Performance), where the concept of co-working has surpassed itself to become a co-growth. These spaces have super modern facilities, where advice and growth are developed for the projects and undertakings of the users. Here, the time invested will be fruitful. The qASA CARE facilities are not only exclusive for guests but also for professionals who wish to use them in the community.

NOMAD has the INDIGO brand to develop a gastronomic proposal under the leadership of renowned Chef Enrique Paredes. The conceptual format is that of "Cooking with Freedom", where a wide variety of local ingredients, which contribute to sustainability, are the foundation of our traditional dishes. This concept will be the basis of its hotel restaurants and those that will open independently in different international destinations. Likewise, together with the distiller and blender Andre Querol, they launched AMBAR. This is a proposal that welcomes traditional distillates to compose a menu of classic cocktails and also one of signature cocktails with local ingredients that contribute to the preservation of our natural resources.


Internationally, NOMAD has set out to expand its hotel, restaurant and bar brands. The plan will start with the Indigo restaurant in Miami, New York and Barcelona. In addition, the Nomad Tribe projects will be developed in Portugal, Nomad Urban in New York and Miami, and Nomad Family in Orlando.

For more information: and its social networks such as Facebook and Instagram as Nomad Peru.