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The first in a series of optimized professional service pack offerings developed by GAIN Advisors, the GAIN Hotel AI professional service pack is designed to help hoteliers revolutionize their operations and create the future of hospitality today, by harnessing the power potential of AI.

Phoenix, ArizonaGAIN, a leading global travel, hospitality technology and innovation advisory firm, has announced the launch of its GAIN Hotel AI Professional Service Pack, designed to help hotels leverage AI to improve their operations and enhance their guests’ experience.

Recognizing the hotel industry’s highly competitive space with rapidly changing guest expectations, increased pressure on operational efficiency, and the need to manage and analyze large amounts of data, GAIN’s first professional service pack features a curated AI suite for hotels to help address the challenges of inefficient operational processes, manual workloads, rising labor costs, and difficulties in managing big data.

The AI market, currently valued at nearly 100 billion U.S. dollars, is projected to experience a staggering twentyfold growth by 2030, reaching an estimated two trillion U.S. dollars. For hoteliers, understanding and embracing this exponential growth in AI technologies is crucial not only to stay competitive in the ever-evolving hospitality landscape but also to capitalize on opportunities for increased efficiency, enhanced guest experiences, and long-term profitability. The vast amount of AI technology being produced can breed confusion on where to start, and selecting the right tools may seem like a daunting task for hoteliers.

At GAIN we recognize the challenges hoteliers face, and our aim is to provide a curated suite of AI-driven tools that not only address these challenges but also bring disruptive yet productive innovations to the industry. We believe AI is the future of hospitality today and we’re excited to help hotels embrace this technology. By introducing productive AI solutions, we challenge conventional methods and processes, breaking through traditional barriers and driving the hotel industry forward. Vincent Somsen, lead GAIN Advisor of this initiative

Vincent Somsen has worked with renowned global chains like Hilton and Marriott across the Netherlands and the United States. Bringing together his hospitality roots and drive to be at the forefront of technology and industry innovation, Vincent specializes in applying Artificial Intelligence and emerging Web3 technologies in hotels. Learn more about Vincent by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

The GAIN Hotel AI Professional Service Pack, with all services delivered globally and fully remotely, comprises:

  • Comprehensive AI Audit and Assessment - a remote analysis of a hotel/chain’s current operations, processes, and technology infrastructure through virtual meetings and data sharing to identify key pain points, areas for improvement, and potential AI opportunities, evaluating the client’s readiness for AI integration and adaptation.
  • AI Strategy and Recommendations Report - a detailed digital report on the audit findings and insights, providing tailored recommendations for AI tools and solutions based on the four strategic clusters, as well as a proposed implementation roadmap, timeline, and expected outcomes.
  • Seamless AI Implementation and Integration - expert guidance and support to integrate the recommended AI tools and solutions through virtual workshops and advisory calls as well as staff training and webinars to ensure effective use of the AI tools.
  • Ongoing AI Support and Knowledge Sharing- access to ongoing remote support through advisory calls, troubleshooting, and issue resolution with regular virtual updates on the latest AI developments and trends relevant to the hospitality industry, as well as comprehensive digital self-help resources and a knowledge base.

At GAIN, we not only provide a comprehensive AI audit and tailored recommendations but also empower hotels with knowledge and skills needed to leverage AI effectively. This approach not only facilitates in-house successful implementation but also helps hospitality organizations become self-reliant and future-ready in managing and optimizing AI tools and prepare for the next decade, added Vincent.

The GAIN Hotel AI Professional Service Pack is available now. Hotels interested in learning more can contact GAIN by visiting and mentioning this AI package in the contact form.

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