Unlocking human potential in revenue management is going to be the key to driving growth and success in businesses going forward. For too long we are telling hotels to always look at that cool "artificial intelligence (AI)" and how the human is more of a burden than an uplift. I believe this will change. The future of revenue management is human-led, not AI-led, and businesses need to embrace this shift in order to stay ahead of the curve.

I believe that the future of intelligence lies in the enhancement of human potential. In the past, intelligence was defined as the ability to learn, understand, and apply information. However, with advancements in technology and the growing importance of EQ and AQ, it is becoming increasingly clear that there is much more to intelligence than just cognitive abilities.

By optimizing the individual, businesses can improve the overall performance of their revenue management teams. This leads to increased productivity, creativity, and innovation, which in turn drives growth and can create a culture of excellence and drive long-term growth and success.  In the end, it's all about making you a better you. 

It's time for companies to recognize that AI can only take them so far. In conclusion, the future of intelligence is not about replacing human beings with artificial intelligence or robots, but about enhancing human potential in the optimization cycle.