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Opinion Article 9 May 2014

Mom Knows Best: Hotel Marketing Lessons from Your Mother

By Dave Spector, Partner at Tambourine

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Could Mom be the best hotel marketer ever?

Quite possibly!

All throughout your childhood, she recoiled at the sight of your dirty room. She questioned your

questionable friends. Her never-ending nagging was enough to keep our eyes rolling for years. But guess what? Turns out her sage, maternal advice is completely applicable to your work as hotel marketers.

Check out the hotel marketing advice hidden

inside your mom's favorite sayings… proving again that mother knows best:

Mom: "If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?"

Hidden Hotel Marketing Advice
Just because something is trendy in the marketing landscape, it doesn't mean your hotel has to blindly follow suit. Ask yourself: Does my hotel need to leverage this new marketing platform? Does it align with the hotel's marketing strategy and goals? Always make your own decisions for what is best for your property. Do your due diligence and be selective when choosing to implement any new marketing tools/tactics.

Mom: "Were you raised in a barn?"
Hidden Hotel Marketing

With this question, your mom is really showing disappointment that your actions weren't reflective of the standards she instilled in you. In marketing, this can be translated to: Does what you're doing align with your property's core essence? Are your marketing messages confusing your guests? Be sure that all of your marketing efforts and content are a direct reflection of your brand.

Mom: "Don't Make Me Have to Tell You Again"
Hidden Hotel

Marketing Advice
With hotel guests and meeting planners having such chaotic schedules and competing priorities, you have 2-5 seconds to capture their attention. In marketing, don't expect your audience to re-read or examine any of your marketing assets. So, if you're not making your messages clear enough the first time around, you'll probably lose them. You have one shot to draw them in. Don't expect a second chance to repeat yourself.

Mom: "I Brought You Into This World. I Can Take You Out of It."

Hidden Hotel Marketing Advice
Your customers are the reason you exist, the reason you're in business… and the folks who could force you out of business! So you must always respect them by focusing your hotel marketing efforts on them – not your hotel's amenities, history, or accolades. The most successful hotels are the ones that put guests first.

Mom: "Wait 'Til Your Father Gets Home"
Hidden Hotel Marketing


Your staff's actions have consequences. Just one look at your TripAdvisor reviews can prove that. How

can your hotel successfully face a customer service crisis that could eventually make its way to social media? Communicate!If a staff member makes a blunder, fess up to it. Own your mistake, apologize and move forward…before you pay the price in online reviews. Your hotel guests will appreciate your honesty and transparency.

Mom: "Will You Sit Still For Once?"

Hidden Hotel Marketing Advice
When your marketing focus and message are all

over the place, you're actually making it harder for your guests to understand your core USP and discern why they should want to stay with you?

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