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Opinion Article 4 October 2018

A Look Into Hotel Hospitality Trends for 2019

By Kacey Bradley, Lifestyle Blogger for The Drifter Collective

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Fall is just beginning, which means that hotels across the world are getting prepped for the holiday season. Rooms are being booked far in advance, and the feeling of the holiday rush is just around the corner. What's also around the corner is the New Year, which should weigh on the minds of hotel management just as much as anything else.


2019 will be like every year, bringing new challenges and changes to the ever-growing hospitality business. To prepare your hotel or brand, read on for hotel hospitality trends for 2019. That way, you'll know ahead of time what your guests will be looking for, so you can provide them with everything they need at the best price.

Minimalist and Natural Designs

Renovations cost a lot of money, and that fact often discourages hotel management from stepping up the interior of their building. Even if you have the fastest Wi-Fi and best free breakfast, if the interior design of your hotel doesn't fit the times, people aren't going to want to visit again and may even click out of your website before booking a room.

A hot design trend for hotels in 2019 will be minimalist and natural designs in every room. Clean lines and deep color pallets will pop against any bedding or furniture. Ditch the wallpaper for painted walls instead, and don't forget to add plants. Investing in fake floral arrangements and potted plants that look close to the real thing will create a sense of home for visitors and make them more comfortable during their stay.

Cloud-Based Management Software

Technology is everywhere, and it's not going away, so it needs to be embraced in 2019 in all aspects of hotel management. Hotel chains around the world have already switched, with 62 percent reporting that they did so because the current software just doesn't cut it anymore.

With cloud-based management software, you can streamline activities between shifts and gain features and tools that can't be used by non-cloud software. As a result, you'll save your staff time and money, leading to higher productivity rates and happier employees. It'll be easier on everyone if you purchase it now and get the training done before 2019 gets going at full speed.

Maximized Local SEO Results

If you're not located in a major city with lots of tourism, your business depends on people visiting family and friends. Those locals are going to have to give recommendations, which is where local SEO results come in.

People should see your hotel at the top of their search results when they're looking for places where extended family and friends can stay. Your marketing team can maximize your SEO results by participating in opportunities like Google My Business or even Yelp. The key to SEO results is giving it time, which is why it's good to start now so that you're easily found online when 2019 begins.

Partnerships With Local Transportation

Hotels often have buses that go to nearby airports and transport people to the hotel to make their travel time shorter and easier, but after they get to their hotel, they're going to have to find a way to get around.

Local transportation companies are becoming more open to partnering with hotels, which is why hotel management should look into transportation like limos and rental cars. Taking that extra step for your guests will increase repeat visits and gain your hotel better reviews online.

Mobile Ads and Access

Most people now have smartphones because of the ease of access they provide to just about anything a person could want or need. This access includes lodging, which means your website might already be programmed to be friendly with mobile platforms.

Take that mobile access to the next step by paying for ads on mobile apps. According to a 2017 report, bookings on mobile devices increased from 13 to 20 percent in just one year, so meet your customers in the middle. Inspire their interest with ads on popular mobile apps to encourage them to learn more about where they can stay on their next trip into town.

Reimagined Rewards Programs

If your hotel isn't part of an international chain, you can use that to your advantage in 2019. Use the next few months to consider your current rewards program if you offer one. Change things up to be more guest-friendly and engage with customers even more.

Independent hotels are doing just that, and it's showing good signs. Most places offer points to use on future stays, but you can provide cash back loyalty programs for members when they book a stay or provide feedback on their recent visit. Anything that changes the game to spark their interest while providing useful information on the current mindset of the consumer will benefit your hotel.

Green Hotel Buildings

The focus on reducing carbon emissions and providing future generations with a greener place to live is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. If potential visitors find out that your hotel doesn't provide green alternatives or watch its carbon footprint, it'll discourage them from ever reserving a room.

In late 2017, the International Tourism Partnership published the Hotel Global Decarbonisation Report, letting people know how hotels specifically impact the total carbon emissions released around the world. They devised a plan to lower carbon emissions as an industry, which you can join by operating your hotel on green products.

Consumers are always going to have changing needs, which means there will always be updates required for hotels and overhauls needed every few years. This process can be an expensive one, but when the consumer sees that they're being heard and their needs are being met, it will result in more repeat stays and referrals that will gain your hotel additional future business.

These 2019 trends will help launch your hotel to success in the coming year. If you follow them, you won't experience any surprises or need last-minute changes to ensure that guests are kept happy. See what trends you can start preparing for now so that the new year begins on a successful note for everyone involved.

Kacey Bradley

Kacey is a lifestyle blogger for The Drifter Collective, an eclectic lifestyle blog that expresses various forms of style through the influence of culture and the world around us. Kacey graduated with a degree in Communications while working for a lifestyle magazine. She has been able to fully embrace herself with the knowledge of nature, the power of exploring other locations and cultures, all while portraying her love for the world around her through her visually pleasing, culturally embracing and inspiring posts.

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