Hotel Safety: Security for Hospitality and Hotel Management Companies

Kacey  Bradley
By Kacey Bradley
Lifestyle Blogger for The Drifter Collective
19 August 2019

In today's technologically advanced world, guest and staff security are more critical than ever. Luckily, you can take plenty of steps to make improvements. From smart surveillance technology to secure Wi-Fi networks, read the advice below to improve your hotel's setup.

Surveillance Cameras

Most commercial properties have some type of video surveillance system. Security staff can monitor sensitive areas, such as the front desk, cash drawer, and common areas. However, improved software allows hotel owners to match up specific transactions with the surveillance footage, eliminating the need to sift through hours of film to find fraudulent activity.

This type of system, powered by analytics, can detect when a cash register is open or when someone swipes a credit card. Be sure to invest in high-quality cameras that can pick up the little details, such as facial features and bill amounts. By adding this type of security system, your hotel can save thousands.


Your IT and security departments should work in conjunction to establish a safe online experience for staff and hotel guests. Your Wi-Fi should be a secure network users must log in to before using. Make the username and password easy to find. Also, alert guests about possible security risks, such as connecting to public Wi-Fi networks nearby that don't require a password.

IT managers should set up Wi-Fi with role-based access to ensure only guests can hop on. It's similar to how hotels control who can swim in the pool or join the continental breakfast. This security measure prevents unwanted third parties, like hackers, from intercepting private guest data.

Mobile Room Keys

Traditional hotel keys can get lost or stolen. Mobile keys, on the other hand, strengthen security and allow guests to bypass the front desk altogether. Everything takes place right from a smartphone, eliminating the effort of collecting keys from guests, rooms and elsewhere on the property.

Demagnetization is a common issue for traditional key cards. Guests can get frustrated if they lose access to their rooms or have to return to the front desk for help. With a mobile key, there's no hassle of having to reprogram a key again and again. Plus, the checkout process is as simple as a click of a button.

Guest Safety

Guests need to feel safe and welcome at your establishment. Consider how you can improve hotel rooms to increase security. A straightforward update is an in-room safe. It's easy to come up with relevant items to stash inside, especially when traveling. Guests can stow essential documents, passports, collectible coins, souvenir gifts and more.

Beyond a safe, consider upgrading all room locks, including on the doors and windows. Most guests prefer an in-room lock that can't open from the outside. This security measure allows guests to feel safe inside, especially when they tuck themselves into bed for a good night's sleep.

Staff Training

A safe and secure environment all starts with knowledgeable staff. Set up regular meetings with all employees to talk about guest safety. Go over OSHA requirements and how the team can stay safe in the event of fire and evacuation. You should also provide training on compliance regulations and bloodborne pathogens.

Consider the most effective ways to train staff. Try out instruction videos or bring in a professional lecturer. Hand out worksheets that outline vital statistics and data. Offer easy ways for employees to ask questions and raise complaints, including anonymously.


Offering employees profit-sharing, a stake in the hotel's future is an effective way to improve security. When workers feel a sense of pride or ownership, they will keep their eyes and ears open for signs of waste, fraud or theft. When they see something amiss, they are also more likely to stop or report it.

Profit-sharing gives employees room to grow in a chaotic industry. Most profits come in the form of an end-of-year bonus people can use to their hearts' desire. Beyond increased loyalty, employees with profit-sharing options are more likely to take ownership of their role in the business and improve productivity.

Are you a hotelier looking for new ways to improve security? Follow the advice above. Look into a smart surveillance system that saves time and money. Show guests how to access your secure Wi-Fi network. Plus, train staff to understand what an unsafe situation looks like and how they should respond.

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