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Opinion Article23 March 2020

Let’s Celebrate Our Heroes Of Hospitality Who Come Through In Crisis

By Doug Kennedy, President of the Kennedy Training Network

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As we begin week two of the most challenging era in the modern history of the hotel and lodging industry, I am reminded of one of my all-time favorite quotes:


"It has been, and continues to be, our responsibility to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality." - Conrad Hilton, founder of Hilton Hotels

Although many hotels are closed and others reducing staff, plenty of other hospitality workers woke up today, put aside their own personal concerns about health and family, put on a uniform, and went to work. Today and in the coming weeks, frontline heroes will be doing extraordinary things for their guests well above what is expected or required.

As I reflect on our wide range of diverse KTN training and mystery shopping clients worldwide, and the geographic areas and local markets they serve, I can easily imagine stories that are playing out even as of this writing. Surely travel is greatly reduced for all, as we are asked to pause our lives and stay home.

Yet there are still plenty of weary travelers out there moving around for various reasons. Parents of college students driving cross-country to pick-up kids displaced from dorms and off-campus apartments. Adult children transporting aged parents from nursing homes to safer shelters. Pilots and crews flying planes that, although nearly empty, are moving pandemic experts, first responders, and supplies. Medical professionals, business leaders who are working to save companies, tired truckers keeping the food chain flowing, military personnel, and government leaders coordinating distribution.

Meantime, on the hotel side of the equation, everyone still on duty is working harder than ever despite being short on supplies and working well outside of their job titles and descriptions.

In normal times, one of my favorite workshop activities is when we have participants share examples of when someone went above and beyond to assist a guest with an unusual situation, circumstance or quandary. Now is a great time for us to share these stories virtually so we can celebrate them together as an industry.

Therefore, I am asking all of my readers worldwide to take a brief moment to email me such "heroes of hospitality" stories which I will compile and share in future articles and with my LinkedIn followers.  Join me on LinkedIn.  

Send to: [email protected] and include "Heroes of Hospitality Story" in the subject line.

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