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Opinion Article27 May 2021

How Hotels Are Rising Up After A No Good, Very Bad Year

By Linda Emmenegger, President Midas Hospitality

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Doom. Gloom. The news is absolutely littered with stories of businesses and industries falling victim to the effects of COVID-19. But what if we – those of us in the hospitality industry who have experienced the pains of the pandemic – gave a different slant to the story? Perhaps a making lemons-out-of-lemonade focus on how solutions are available to us so we can operate high-performing and profitable hotels. Now, that would be newsworthy.


A Little Help Here

The hotel business is complicated. They’re a beast to build. The complexities include devising a financial plan, managing construction delays, and meeting an ever-changing timetable of deadlines. And, once a hotel is built, there is still no time to exhale…because that’s when the fun really begins. Exceeding financial goals. Hiring sales staff. The list goes on and on.

Whether you are undertaking new construction or rebuilding in the wake of the pandemic, third-party management can be an invaluable partner. Here’s where many owners recognize their need for assistance, turn to delegating this portion of their business, and ultimately rise up to embrace a more profitable path. Third-party management is seen as a growth opportunity – it’s where a team of savvy experts analyze industry trends and make forecasts in order to take control of expenses and maximize revenue.

Here is what to expect from an effective third-party management team:

  • An all-inclusive plan that identifies the best performing segments which can then be duplicated for each hotel in an owner’s portfolio.
  • A best practices guide that defines the hotel network’s mission and vision – plus includes instruction on adherence to the brand principles – to secure and maintain customer loyalty.
  • Guidance and leadership of highly experienced sales, revenue, and operations professionals.
  • A foundation of management wins, successes, and insights they have achieved for each of their clients.

A Room with a Clue

COVID-19 has shifted the mindset of the hotel guest, making it the perfect time to stand out from your competition by retaining customer loyalty and attracting new visitors. The customer experience currently concentrates on three Cs: communication, comfort, and cleanliness.

Guests want to feel confident when checking into a hotel – they need to know their space is as secure and hygienic as possible. Now, more than ever, showcasing signs of “clean” have never been more important to the user experience.

Simple ways to ease your guests’ concerns:

  • Share your cleaning processes to assure your guests – don’t wait for them to ask. The more consumers know about your efforts, the safer they will feel.
  • Provide insight when communicating with guests whether through advertising or in-person check-in, which is the perfect time to convey your actions and ensure a positive stay.
  • Offer a robust selection of food and beverage service that is appropriately packaged and delivered to ensure guest safety.

Lane Shift Ahead

No need to entirely revamp your hotel’s vision to soar high above the competition. Sometimes it just takes a slight shift in approach to achieve or maintain success.

  • Recognize areas that need improvement by being open minded to innovative solutions, never straying too far from your brand promise and mission.
  • Expand your areas of influence to increase revenue streams and ensure industry stability. Diversify and grow complementary businesses such as hotel restaurants or service-related properties within your organization.
  • Take a proactive approach when promoting your properties. Update your website and social media presence with new photos, content, and listings to remain relevant.
  • Open all sales and marketing channels so that, as the leisure segment continues to lead the recovery trends, you are prepared to showcase your services.

Goodwill Mentality

A hotel’s charitable activities – both before and during the pandemic – attract guests to goodness. Stay true to your mission, and support those who make your business possible.

  • Adopt a pay-it-forward stance and find ways to make positive contributions to the communities you serve.
  • Demonstrate gratitude to your staff for their loyalty and dedication both during the pandemic and in the future.
  • Recognize the impact of an environment-friendly atmosphere by highlighting the ways your organization promotes sustainability, conservation, and waste reduction,

A hands-on approach is the perfect solution during the current climate and beyond. By focusing on the best guest experience possible, you will continue to rise in the ranks…even after a not so great, pandemic-filled year.

Linda Emmenegger

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