The benefits of a medical services located within a resort or hotel property are well founded. With an aging society and with travel and tourism set to increase post COVID-19, partnering with an onsite medical clinic franchise could strongly benefit a hotel

Now, a new medical App promoted by lodging properties, allows a domestic or international traveler with preexisting medical conditions, or with young children traveling to have increased confidence and ease of mind when traveling. A medical App can tie into current health, spa, and wellness amenities of a resort. A medical App for guests has potential to become a unique competitive advantage for the lodging property.


Telemedicine is a way to access healthcare appointments with doctors, psychiatrists, or nurses on the internet using your phone or computer. These appointments are usually video calls through an App or digital platform. With telemedicine apps, you can receive remote healthcare services from a medical doctor without physically visiting their office. Below are some things to look for in your search for medical Apps:

  • Online chat messaging.
  • email support;
  • telephone calls.

The idea of telemedicine is not to replace clinic visits with a doctor. Instead, they should complement regular healthcare. People may use telemedicine to:

  • talk with a doctor and see if you need a physical appointment
  • request or renew certain prescriptions for medications
  • assess and treat minor health conditions
  • access therapy and other mental health services

Additionally, many telemedicine apps are making strides to become primary care providers for patients rather than for just acute or emergency visits.


Telemedicine is growing in popularity and can provide benefits over traditional doctor visits. People who work full time may appreciate being able to schedule telemedicine appointments with doctors outside of traditional business hours, including evenings and weekends. It may also be more convenient for people with children who would otherwise need to find sitters.

Telemedicine also improves access to care for people in more remote areas, older individuals, and individuals living with disabilities. Additionally, it can be helpful for people who frequently travel for tourism and hospitality. Also, for travelers who may forgotten their medications. There is also no need for travel, which can save time, money, stress, and frustration. Looking for and attending a telemedicine appointment from the comfort of home or your resort hotel room is a far more tempting prospect.

As technology trends are changing the hospitality industry, with preferred self-service for travelers, thus incorporating technology with daily operations. to optimize service efficiency, minimize human error, and improve the overall guest experience. Thus, the role of technology in healthcare Hospitality is becoming increasingly important and in increased demand post-COVID pandemic. ProntoCare App was made to support the health and wellness needs of travelers!

Services such as self-check-in, digital payment, and mobile keys all increased by 66% during the pandemic and are expected to continue to rise.

— Source: Northern Arizona University— Source: Northern Arizona University
— Source: Northern Arizona University

The ProntoCare App can be easily downloaded and used by travelers looking for health and wellness services before, during, and after their travel. This proactive approach can help abort many unnecessary costly emergency room visits and even hospitalization by giving the appropriate care, instructions, and patient education early. This service will be very much needed given the fact that most of the travelers are senior citizens with chronic diseases with high demand for easily accessible healthcare to give those guests peace of mind and put them at ease to enhance their travel and lodging experience. In brief, everybody benefits from the ProntoCare App.

— Source: Northern Arizona University— Source: Northern Arizona University
— Source: Northern Arizona University

Growing tourism trends and statistics confirm that more senior citizens embrace technology and are more comfortable using digital healthcare just like banking
and shopping online the recent Coronavirus Pandemic that accelerated the digital transformation.

ProntoCare offers direct consumers hassle-free healthcare with big savings giving economic challenges post-COVID addressing the Wellness of the guest through proper nutrition and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

ProntoCare takes a proactive role in testing for risk factors and diagnosing to prevent and manage chronic diseases. ProntoCare is also offering a convenient Telemedicine app to communicate with various providers delivering the best care remotely with safety and ease, especially for our senior citizen population. So many travelers will benefit from using ProntoCare App which can be easily downloaded on your smartphone!

— Source: Northern Arizona University— Source: Northern Arizona University
— Source: Northern Arizona University


Fred DeMicco
Northern Arizona University