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I am optimistic about what the future of travel holds in store for all of us - for our partners, our industry, and for the travelers we serve.

In Amadeus’ latest report, Catalysts for Change: Building the Hospitality Ecosystem of the Future, experts throughout the sector share how travel is bouncing back and traveler confidence, post-pandemic, is on the rise.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that the hospitality industry of 2023 is not what it was in 2019. Travelers’ expectations have evolved over the past several years, with personalization, sustainability, and modern digital tools to support their journey now at the top of their agendas. By taking advantage of the right technology and today’s more collaborative travel ecosystem, hoteliers can keep on top of these trends and provide guests with the truly personalized and sustainable experiences they desire.

Here are five key ways hoteliers can successfully collaborate to fulfill the needs of today’s travelers.

Use forward-looking data to develop marketing strategies and drive revenue

Having access to the latest business intelligence solutions can help hoteliers take the guesswork out of developing effective marketing and revenue management strategies. The insights and booking trends provided by forward-looking data can also assist them in tailoring unique digital media campaigns across distribution channels.

Build more memorable stays by focusing on personalization

A key driver of change in the hospitality industry is personalization, as travelers of today expect seamless end-to-end journeys that accurately reflect their preferences. Offering customized packages, promotions or unique on-site activities can help hoteliers exceed guest expectations, while sending proactive communications to guests before, during and after their stays provides additional upsell and loyalty opportunities.

Use technology to automate daily operations and better manage group business

By automating daily operations with the help of service optimization technology, a hotel can reduce operational costs, simplify housekeeping management, respond quickly to guest requests, and improve sustainability efforts. Most importantly, the guest experience will be improved as hotel operations are running as efficiently as possible.

A hotelier can take advantage of sales and catering software to help prospect for and manage group business, too, as meetings and events are also quickly picking back up. Properties can take advantage of advancing capabilities in the area of meeting distribution, either by encouraging booking via RFP and proposal response or making their available function space accessible for meeting planners to book directly.

Offer contactless experiences to boost guest satisfaction

Throughout the pandemic, we all became accustomed to digital experiences, as many of us used app-based room keys, made mobile payments, or used voice on-command technology when we traveled. Going forward, hoteliers should continue to provide health-conscious or tech-forward guests with these services when and where they may need them, whether this is to request more towels, an alarm to wake up, or some sort of personal assistance.

The popularity of virtual payment cards has also grown, as they have lessened the expense and reclaim burden on business travelers and made the reconciliation process easier overall for corporate travel managers.

Take advantage of integrated solutions to better meet guests’ needs

In the past, an extremely fragmented hospitality sector has led to hotel operations that have been overly complex. Today, however, the Amadeus Hospitality ecosystem is bringing technology together across hotels, mobility, and travel protection to enable a better experience for every traveler and guest. Together, travel providers and travel sellers are finding new ways to drive profitable sales and provide guests with the unique experiences they crave.

Adaptation is essential for every business if they have any hope of satisfying the evolving needs of today’s travelers. But travel sellers and providers can stay ahead of the game by taking an ecosystem approach and by following these simple strategies to keep the traveler at the center of the travel experience.

To learn more about today’s travelers and find out how they are catalysts for change in the hospitality sector, download the full paper.

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