In the age of social media dominance, providing an experience that’s not only memorable but also shareable is crucial for attracting and retaining guests. You may have a highly engaged online audience along with numerous loyal in-person hotel patrons. But is that audience one-in-the same?

Many social media users discover brands they follow online. This means most of your Instagram followers may have never set foot on property. Similarly, those who frequent your hotel may not feel naturally inclined to snap pictures to post on social media. So, what’s the solution?

Bridge your Hotel’s Online and Office Experience

One way to bridge the gap between your online and offline audiences is to create social media-specific opportunities on-site. Let’s dive into the art of creating Instagrammable spaces within your hotel – spaces that not only captivate your guests but also make them eager to share their experiences online, boosting your hotel’s visibility and desirability.

Here are some practical strategies and specific examples to get those creative juices flowing.

Unique Art Installations

Consider incorporating eye-catching art installations throughout your property. 21c Museum Hotels provides a great example of unique ways to integrate art. Each property doubles as a contemporary art museum, featuring thought-provoking installations that beg to be photographed and shared. These installations are anything from vibrant murals in common areas to quirky sculptures in the garden or lobby.

Statement Interiors

Don’t underestimate the power of interior design. Think bold colors, striking patterns, and unique furniture pieces that serve as perfect backdrops for selfies and group photos. The Graduate Hotels chain nails this approach with their playful, nostalgia-infused decor inspired by local culture and history. From vintage-inspired lounges to themed guest rooms, every corner is designed to charm and intrigue. Last year’s Generation G campaign integrated this statement branding into a larger initiative to unite their communities.

Instagrammable Eateries

Food is one of the most popular subjects on Instagram. Why not leverage this by creating visually stunning dining spaces? Whether it’s a rooftop bar with panoramic views, a cozy café with Instagram-worthy latte art, or a themed restaurant with Instagrammable dishes, like the iconic milkshakes at Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer in NYC, providing aesthetically pleasing dining experiences will undoubtedly draw attention.

Natural Beauty

Embrace the natural beauty surrounding your property. Whether you’re nestled in a lush forest, overlooking a pristine beach, or situated in the heart of a bustling city, make sure your outdoor spaces are just as captivating as your indoor ones. The Amangiri Resort in Utah exemplifies this with its minimalist architecture that naturally blends with the dramatic desert landscape, providing endless photo opportunities for guests.

Interactive Installations

Engage your guests with interactive installations or experiences that encourage them to participate and share. Take notes from 1888 Hotel in Australia who deemed themselves the first Instagram hotel a decade ago. As guests enter the hotel lobby, a revolving digital mural of Instagram images greets them. After checking in, folks are invited to stand in front of an open frame hanging in the lobby and snap a selfie. The hotel’s guestrooms are decorated with Instagram photos submitted by guests. Ideas like these and elements like selfie walls, themed photo booths, or even colorful outdoor swings are a great way to attract photos.

Use Hotel Experiences to Create Brand Advocates

Remember, creating Instagrammable spaces isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about crafting memorable experiences that resonate with your guests and inspire them to become brand advocates. By seamlessly blending online and offline experiences, you can turn your hotel into a destination that not only attracts guests but also keeps them coming back for more – one shareable moment at a time.

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