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Viewpoint 2 March 2020

Sustainability Gives Hotels An Edge In The War For Talent. Or Does It?

Sustainability in Hospitality

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Franziska Altenrath, Co-Founder at TUTAKA
Christopher Warrensupplier view
Founder of My Green Butler

Responsible sustainable practices that involve all staff create a much more dynamic and positive work environment. The global challenges we face today are very much forefront in the minds of young staff seeking a career in a business that cares. I have found you attract more committed staff who willingly make more of an effort in the knowledge that your business has integrity. Just as a business must now accept that profit is not the only KPI but social and environmental factors are equally important, so is it true that good employees/colleagues are motivated by more than money. We recommend creating social compacts with staff to build that foundation for positive dynamics.

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