In this episode, host Simone Puorto sits down with Luca De Giglio, the visionary Founder of Trips Community and an expert Web3 Consultant. Luca, a pioneer in the travel and hospitality industry, established a groundbreaking lifestyle business akin to Airbnb in 2001, a full seven years before the actual Airbnb came into existence. This innovative venture not only financed his global travels for a decade but also positioned him as an early digital nomad and travel blogger, long before these terms entered the mainstream lexicon. Through Trips Community, Luca is on a quest to establish a series of open protocols for the internet, designed to enable direct bookings and empower decentralized OTAs to build upon them. Notably, Trips Community achieved a significant milestone by launching the world’s first NFT booking and the first NFT hotel booking in 2021. Join Simone and Luca in this illuminating episode to uncover the revolutionary ways in which Web3 technology is transforming the travel industry's future. Don't miss this chance to dive into the insights and experiences of a true innovator in the field!

Luca De Giglio:

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