In a recently contributed article on Hospitality Net, I asked myself the question of why we see a slow pace of hotel groups upgrading to contemporary tech stacks.  Innovative and open-architecture applications that the hospitality sector has long anticipated are now accessible, providing vast and flexible options ready to be deployed. From data analytics, digital transitions, and understanding revenue flows to business intelligence, everything is available at attractive SaaS pricing. Modern technology solutions available today have the potential to transform our industry into genuine tech and data-driven entities. Yet, the question remains: why haven't all made the shift instantly? What's holding us back?

Michael Toedt
Michael Toedt
CEO and Founder, dailypoint

Most CEO's are not tech savvy. Their focus is on creating new brands or getting more hotels. It would be great to see how a OTA CEO would change the tech stack of a hotel group. I suppose creating a tech strategy at all would be number one.

At Hospitality Upgrade's Executive Vendor Summit, the CIO panel is a highlight. When asked about their IT strategy, all five CEOs replied that they had NONE! This was not surprising to me because the demand for hotel technology is dominated by problem solving. We need something for housekeeping, a new IBE, a cloud based PMS, a service bus ... A clear strategy with the guest in mind is missing.

For an OTA CEO it would be clear that the Golden Record should be the key element of the hotel's IT strategy and every tool must be connected to it. This is what differentiates the big data OTAs from the "fix the problem" approach that dominates our industry.

The solution: Senior management needs to become tech savvy, and understand the potential of data. The first step would be to create a guest-centric IT strategy where CDM, CRS and PMS share the same central profile.

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