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Pipeline10 July 2019

YOTEL Atlanta

Underground Atlanta To Receive Hybrid YOTEL With Panoramic Views In 2022

Scheduled for Autumn 2022 – 351 Rooms

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Smart international hotel designed for modern, independent travellers to feature rooftop pool and terrace with short and long-term stay accommodation options.

International hotel company YOTEL has announced plans to open a 351-cabin property in downtown Atlanta. It will be located just off Peachtree Street in the heart of the Underground transformation - a historic four-block redevelopment from real estate developer WRS, Inc.

The new build will provide a unique accommodation offering in Atlanta with the property featuring 234 cabins designed for short stays (YOTEL) and 117 PADs for longer stays (YOTELPAD). Construction of the hotel is set to begin in summer 2020, with an anticipated opening date of Autumn 2022.

The hotel group has already redefined the traditional hospitality industry with their sleek minimalistic design and clever use of technology and will introduce its new generation of smart hotels to visiting guests and Atlanta residents.

In addition to signature features like time saving self-check-in kiosks and space saving adjustable SmartBeds™, guests will be able to work, relax and socialise in KOMYUNITI, the beating heart of the hotel comprised of multi-functional, cleverly designed spaces catering to the needs of the modern traveller. In addition to a "GRAB+GO" café and restaurant on the ground floor, the hotel will also feature an outdoor pool and terrace with a stunning rooftop bar offering great views around the city. The combination of short and long-stay cabins and PADs under one roof, will furthermore offer flexibility for people staying in the city for different lengths of time or different reasons.

Once completed, Underground will have over 400,000 SF of retail, restaurant, entertainment, event space, office, residential and student housing space. The community hub boasts a prime location, above the Five Points Station, with direct access to MARTA, the main transportation hub in Atlanta. It is also adjacent to the Georgia State University campus and large business global HQs such as UPS, Coca-Cola, Home Depot and Delta Air Lines.

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YOTEL was created by YO! founder Simon Woodroffe and YOTEL CEO Gerard Greene. Inspired by first class travel, they have translated the language of luxury airline travel and Japanese influence into a small but luxurious cabin.
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Early 2018, YOTEL announced their foray into the extended stay segment with the launch of the new YOTELPAD brand. Building on the clever design principles of YOTEL and YOTELAIR cabins, YOTELPAD translates the essence of luxury serviced apartments into purposefully designed compact homes, known as 'PADs', fulfilling the requirements of the global citizen at an affordable price.
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YOTEL Limited

Inspired by the luxury of first class travel and uncompromisingly designed around guests, YOTEL takes the essential elements of luxury hotels into smaller, smart spaces and deliver a sense of community with areas for co-working, social gatherings and exercise.
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