Thibaut Drege

With an experience spanning across almost two decades in the luxury hospitality industry, Thibaut Drege brings new inspiration and a drive for excellence to Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest as new General Manager.

His leadership philosophy is inspired by the passion of craftsmen and fine artisans, who put all their heart in their work and creations, and never stop striving for excellence. This passion translates for him to an admiration of great food and cooking, considering gastronomy a genuine way of caring for people. Carrying on the celebration of exceptional dining experiences, Four Seasons Hotel George V maintained its unique, prestigious position under his lead, being the only hotel in Europe housing a total of five Michelin stars within three restaurants, a world leader in culinary experiences.

He considers sharing feedback, sharing knowledge and mentoring is crucial in bringing the best out of each individual and helping them to reach their own potential.

Highly dedicated to Budapest and the Gresham Palace, Drege will build on his global experience and the vast expertise of his team to ensure the worldwide community of sophisticated travellers discover what the city and the Hotel have to offer.