Matthew Kim

Matthew Kim has joined M3 as General Counsel, responsible for leading and operationalizing the legal strategy and function at M3. Matthew started in the hotel industry at a young age when his family's business centered around a motel in Marietta, Georgia. Now, as a seasoned legal and corporate executive, Matthew's broad experience spans beyond hospitality and includes commercial, intellectual property, regulatory, compliance, corporate governance, corporate development, and legal operations for publicly and privately held companies.

Previously, Matthew held the position of General Counsel at a multi-national, private equity-backed market leader for SaaS management solutions. Prior to this, he was the lead senior corporate counsel for the Americas business group of a high-growth, global technology company. During that time, the company grew >5X in annual recurring revenue and successfully completed numerous strategic mergers and acquisitions. In addition to his legal background, Matthew's experiences include starting several companies, fundraising, and successfully establishing various strategic alliances to advance corporate development initiatives.

M3 Hotel Accounting
Lawrenceville, Georgia
United States