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What the Nudge (Marketing)?!?

By Sherif Mamdouh - External Communications Manager at EHL

Influence without constraint, and to do good. This is the ethos of Nudge theory. This "helping hand" theory claims to be able to rely on human irrationality to reach a desired outcome. Stemming from behavioral psychology and microeconomics, this new paradigm advocates "libertarian paternalism" where a dose of manipulation is admitted but used only in the most benevolent endeavors - not without reminding us that any form of communication can be perceived as manipulation.

Flexing Hotel Labor Today

By Robert A. Rauch, CHA - President of RAR Hospitality

In a market of uncertainty and seasonal fluctuations, managing hotel property expenses is a challenging job that remains on the forefront of the minds of strategic operators. Hotels that implement a staffing strategy that adapts to these changes will keep operations running smoothly throughout the year and even throughout an economic slowdown.

Exceeding Guest Expectations Across Generations: Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers

By Adam Hoydysh - Vice President of Hotel Sales at PLUM

How exciting is it, to live in a time during which industries and brands are continually re-inventing themselves in tandem with the rapid evolution of technology and innovation(s)? Exciting -- absolutely, but these frequent consumer-driven shifts also create a unique challenge for industries hoping to keep their finger firmly on the pulse of modern expectations.