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Supplier News 9 August 2010

FlightStats and Mobiata Team to Deliver Integrated Mobile Itinerary Solutions for Corporate Customers

TripDeck adds a mobile component to FlightStats’ extensive suite of TMC tools already proven to improve TMC relevance, service and revenues, while reducing corporate travel program costs.

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Portland, OR | Conducive Technology Corp. today announced Agent Advantage, a suite of itinerary monitoring, viewing and messaging services with mobile itinerary services provided by Mobiata, the leading mobile travel application developer. Agent Advantage now combines FlightStats’ flight and itinerary monitoring, Trip Assist – an agent desktop monitoring and proactive re-accommodation application, and TripDeck, a branded mobile app developed by Mobiata. Agent Advantage gives corporate travel management companies (TMC) the ability to deliver branded itinerary information and real-time service updates directly to the traveler via the TripDeck mobile application installed on the travelers mobile phone.


Agent Advantage with integrated TripDeck mobile services will be available before the end of 2010. It provides a fully TMC-branded, intelligent mobile complement to directly support corporate program goals: encourage program compliance and adoption, facilitate communication with the traveler, and improve TMC services during a trip. Most important, this integrated solution includes a clear and proven business model that gives TMCs a comprehensive mobile solution that they can offer at no cost to all customers. Agent Advantage also offers new workflow and reporting tools that quantify the resulting travel cost reductions and trip outcome improvements for corporate customers.

"Mobiata is pleased to be working with FlightStats to develop the first truly purpose-built mobile solution for managed corporate travel programs" says Ben Kazez, CEO of Mobiata. "TripDeck, as part of Agent Advantage, gives agents the power to connect with the traveler while they are traveling. Our goal is to give travelers the best mobile products possible and this takes that to the next level."

TripDeck mobile will join the FlightStats Agent Advantage suite (already in use by more than 50 of the world’s most innovative TMCs) to monitor itineraries and communicate vital, real-time information to the right people at the right time throughout the trip. The existing Trip Assist module monitors itineraries and notifies the agents via email and web-based console of trip interruptions (threatened or missed connections, cancellations, etc.) and then provides workflow tools and an audit trail of the services provided. The Trip Assist feature tells the TMC about a threatened itinerary at the earliest moment, helps them to fix it and communicates revisions to the traveler via their mobile device.

The TripDeck mobile solution will leverage the FlightStats’ new TripTalk™ conversation engine that enables event-driven messages, broadcast and two-way TMC communications and (subject to TMC permission) airport, airline and other reliable source data. The system uses itinerary data to target messages and to ensure that only timely and relevant messages reach the traveler. Messages are presented within the context of the itinerary on the mobile device and are filtered according to account and individual preferences contained in traveler profiles. Personal traveler information is never exposed.

"Agent Advantage is already proven to improve TMC service and corporate ROI for every travel dollar spent while generating new revenue for the TMC." says Jeff Kennedy, CEO of Conducive Technology, maker of Agent Advantage. "The addition of TripDeck will further extend the TMC service value proposition beyond policy and expense management to include complete travel service management.” These services offer a clear competitive advantage for the TMCs who adopt them and the business model is fully supported by recent industry surveys that confirm that corporate customers will pay more for genuinely expanded service and improved trip outcomes.

About FlightStats | Conducive Technology, the creators of FlightStats, is the global leader in collecting, monitoring, and distributing real-time and historical flight status and travel-related information. In addition, the unique patent-pending TripTalk™ messaging platform allows airports, airlines, agencies, and other travel stakeholders to publish a variety of messages to travelers across FlightStats’ extensive network of data subscribers, affiliates and partners.

FlightStats powers many TMC itinerary monitoring and messaging services, airport websites and FIDS displays, flight information offerings on the major search engines, including Google and Bing, many popular mobile travel applications, automotive GPS systems, top-tier travel sites, and the world’s leading hotel chains. Over three million unique users check flight and airport information each month on the company’s public website: and that number is growing rapidly. Millions more access FlightStats data via the search engines, mobile apps and affiliate websites. Passengers in airports across the world rely on FlightStats data.

About Mobiata | Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Mobiata creates best-selling mobile travel applications. Mobiata's FlightTrack app has topped the iPhone Travel bestseller list ever since the product's launch in November 2008. Mobiata also creates and distributes top ranked FlightTrack Pro, TripDeck, HotelPal, and StayHIP. Since its founding in December 2008, Mobiata applications have been featured by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Forbes, Washington Post, TechCrunch, USA Today, Macworld, PC Magazine, and in Apple TV and print ads. Mobiata offers mobile travel design and development services, enabling third parties to drive their projects to success. For more information, visit . Follow us on Twitter @mobiata

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