Real-time feedback with Pulse — Photo by Local Measure

Sydney and New York – Local Measure, the leading location-based customer experience platform, announced the launch of Pulse, a new real-time feedback tool for the hospitality, tourism and retail industries. The product has been designed to help businesses collect feedback from on-site customers so that businesses can immediately action any issues, thereby improving bottom line metrics like NPS and thwarting negative reviews.

Pulse allows businesses to trigger a customer feedback request at specific moments during their journey. These moments can include when customers log-in to Wi-Fi, in the hours after arrival, or when presented with a feedback link/QR code. The interface for Pulse is powerfully simple and unobtrusive, providing the customers with the opportunity to submit a single 5-point rating that represents their current level of satisfaction. Customer details and comments are then requested so that issues can be resolved immediately by staff on the ground.

The ability to immediately action customer feedback is what sets Pulse apart from other feedback tools and surveys. The Local Measure mobile app allows front-line staff to be notified of customer responses as they come, and to mark each response as actioned once resolved. The system thereby empowers staff on the ground to truly own the customer experience, boosting customer satisfaction and reducing negative reviews both at the level of the individual business and across the enterprise.

Hotels have been the first industry to embrace Pulse. Benjamin Krieg, General Manager of Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20, has found the tool to be transformative: "I think Pulse is one of the best customer service tools we have added into our business in years."

Jonathan Barouch, CEO of Local Measure, explains "By the time a business has sent a post-visit customer survey, it's simply too late to make a difference for that customer or to shape their impression. Pulse gives control back to front-line teams to take action on feedback in the moment and drive a better experience for the customer."

Local Measure partners with Cisco's wireless technologies, as well as IBM Watson Customer Engagement and Salesforce to provide end-to-end customer experience solutions for its clients. The company's integration capabilities mean that customer feedback can be used intelligently by organizations and shared at an enterprise level.

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About Local Measure

Local Measure is a leading customer experience platform in the tourism, hospitality and retail sectors. Headquartered in Sydney, with offices in Singapore, Dubai, London, Phoenix and Miami, Local Measure's clients include many of the world's largest brands. The company merges local social media, wireless and mobile technology, to provide businesses with live access to customer data, rich content and analytics.

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Anne Benoit
Marketing Director